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WVON Talk Show Host Matt McGill Is Pound For Pound The Biggest House Nigger In Chicago

WVON Talk Show Host Matt McGill Is Pound For Pound The Biggest House Nigger In Chicago

If you’ve seen Chicago Mayor Ralm Emanuel lately, you probably noticed a deformity in his appearance. That’s because WVON talk show host Matt Mcgill’s head is stuck up in his rectum.

Mcgill,, a bartender and acoholic, has overtly sacrificed the interest of black people by advocating on behalf of Mayor Emanuel at all cost. Despite Emanuel being an outright racist with no regard for blackl people, Mcgill continues to emphatically serve as his apologist on a quotidian basis. Any issue that’s favorble to Emanuel, directly or indirectly, he can count on Mcgill to carry his water–even projecting his voice at times to sound white.

Along side Matt Mcgill is another bona fide house nigger, who goes by the fitting name of David Martin IV., Martin (who’s voice sounds like a little bitch),has gone as far as to insult callers for questioning his uncle Tom views. As a revolting tandem, Mcgill and Martin have managed to piss-off a large percentage of callers who are simply fed-up and ready to outright repudiate those house niggers off the air.

WVON’s president Melody Spann-cooper is quite the puppet master.. Not only does she have Mcgill on the radio sacrifycing black people for her personally gain–getting perks from Emanuel,, but even worst, she’s paying him peanuts in the interim. Moreover, sources tell us that Mcgill and other personalities have gone weeks at a time without getting paid.

Mcgill have gotten so comfortable in his house nigger role, until he has challenged his detractors to meet him at the station. Hopefully, one day soon, somebody will take him up on his offer and fuck his bitch ass up. And if they are lucky, they’ll have just enough time to bitch-slap that snide-talking bitch David Martin before the police arrive.