494 responses to “Doctor’s Family Believe Sapp Is Involved With Her Murder”

  1. Mary Buchanan says :

    That’s why this site is called scandalmedia. No truth to it. Mr. Sapp had nothin to lose if he was seeing the young lady. Smh

    • Alicia Rowe says :

      All media has some truth even if He didn’t have nothing to do with her being missing him and this girl were probably interacting inappropriately for him to be married something was going on we just don’t exactly know what and I pray he had nothing to do with her being missing but you can’t put nothing pass no one especially when they are backed into a corner!!!!

  2. Alicia Rowe says :

    I pray it ain’t so that he had anything to do with her being missing it could simple He was having an affair and got caught and lied to cover his tail. Also a possibility could be that he try to break it off and she didn’t want to so he got the order of protection. But I put nothing pass no one she could got pregnant and said she was getting rid of it and he had to do what he had to do in his opinion I pray that it ain’t so!!!!! I am totally praying for that girls family and the Sapp family this too shall pass!!!

  3. rena says :

    There is a lot that is not being said like how did she know where his home was and at any point did he lead her to believe that it was more than what he is telling. Since they have her phone, are there any evidence in there that would contradict Marvin story? I just refuse to believe that this young lady would have went to those extremes for a year and then end up missing. All the pieces to this puzzle are not there, but in time it will be revealed. I pray that when it is all parties are ready to take responsibility for their actions. My heart goes out to both families.

    • M. Owen says :

      I hope with all of my heart that he does not have nothing to do with this missing doctor. for I love his music and love his family. please pray for doctor return.

    • Tee says :

      I agree with u 100% I was wondering the same thing! It’s not adding up at all!

  4. CKJ says :

    I don’t believe it did anything. She’s not even his type, since we was so in love with his wife. She was beautiful, and this lady doesn’t compare to her. She went after him, but I don’t think he was interested in her. I wish the family well, and hope she is found, but I don’t believe he did anything to hurt her. I hope they find who is responsible for this tragedy! I’ll be praying for both families.

  5. cassaundra shaw says :

    This smells of the same stench that Bishop Long and other leaders find their selves enveloped in; the stinking aftermath of their covert actions. It seems to me that the restraining order was a strategic use of the legal system to document contact and potentially alibi future actions. For if she was stalking him (Marvin Sapp) it would occur to me that he would notify her parents of the unwanted communication in hopes that they would appeal to their daughter to cease any further attempts to contact Sapp. Further, how does a restraining order be procured without establishing excessive, harmful, and potentially detrimental or aggressive actions or threats implied within those communications? I know of women who were stalked by ex-boyfriends and vice-versa who couldn’t procure a restraining order that quickly (merely on their word that they were being stalked and a few chance encounters with the claimants’ family). Here’s my scenario. As Teleka’s actions regarding the relationship parameters between her and Sapp became more and more public Sapp panicked. He then goes to the court, and using his religious, and social status, and music celebrity, requests and receives (merely on his word) a restraining order. Figuring that that would get rid of the woman (Teleka) who foolishly believed there was actually going to be a future between the two and one day he (Sapp) would go public with the true nature of their relationship. But something turned this from a man trying to rid himself of the pressures of a woman who was tired of being a secret mistress and wanted to be honored for who she really was; a woman in love and intimately involved with Sapp, and here’s what seems the most likely scenario: she announced to him that she was carrying his child. Sapp knew the implications behind this bombshell if made public. That fateful meeting the night of Teleka’s disappearance was set up to convince her to get an abortion. When she refused and insisted that she wanted to have the baby and become a family with Sapp, he snapped. No body, no baby, no more pressure, and no one is the wiser. The car being found on the side of the road with a flat tire 100 miles from where Teleka was last seen was just a derisive tapering of evidence to lead police investigations to a dead end.

    • TruthSeeker says :

      Well Stated.

    • matthew2424 says :

      Canssanda you are so right I do not believe God would give you and me the same message about this if it were not true.. may the truth be known.. this man fooled this woman and she believed him and his lies to her.. I pray that the truth will come out that they will find something that will link marvin sapp to this murder of this young woman… I pray that he never rest God please visit this man household.. in Jesus name amen….. this is why she were afraid for her life,,

    • Dee..says says :

      Why would he notify her parents? She was an adult. 400 plus emails she sent went to his home uninvited and contacted his children. She made several videos preparing food for a man that doesn’t exist. On the night she went missing she tried to check into a hotel only blocks away from her apartment. Sapp could have dated her if he chose to. He is not married. He is a widower. I think she just lost it. Defiantly delusional. May she now rest in peace.

    • kim says :

      Yeah I agree this case is has to many loose ends and It appears sapp has something to do with it. And this is fishy when I saw this initially it was strange the truth will come out

    • Dee says :

      If your scenario is right, then the evidence of baby would still be in her womb. Then they could do a DNA an find the truth of the matter. Right now no one really knows the full truth, until then I believe we should let the professional do their job. Remember he has children and daughters, what person in there right mind would take a life like that?

      • Grandma Z says :

        Anyone who makes their money off of being a “righteous” person in the public eye, or any “religious” figure afraid of having their reputation tainted can do this, or even if they don’t want their hands to get dirty could always use an accomplice.

        Human beings are human beings, and anyone is capable of doing anything, despite PR or what they have.

    • Terry Arnold says :

      You got to much time on your hand……I have never bought any of marvin sapp music dont even like his style but to assume he will plot a killing that going to far…

    • Santo con Cacho says :

      I totally second your thoughts, Cassandra. I personally have experienced how this “Holy” men are as evil as the most evil person out there. Let us see if there is evidence of a unborn child, for this would be the motive to get rid of her before it went public. My heart goes out to her family, who perhaps, will not get the justice they deserve and for the pain that it must be to have lost their brilliant daughter to an evil ‘Holy’ man! There is a GOD… and justice will be served!

  6. oluwaelle says :

    pple shuld nt be too wick to judge, fine mavin made a mistake so did teleka let God be d judge hope they find her soon so that d really story wuld be revealed

  7. dd kilpatrick says :

    Mama Dee says; Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. Proverbs 3; 5,6

  8. Attorneymom says :

    I learned about your website from Nancy Lockhart who was a guess on my Blogtalkradio show Character Corner Radio: MY SISTER’S KEEPER: HOW THE CHURCH AND MSM FAILED DR. TELEKA PATRICK ~ http://www.blogtalkradio.com/charactercorner/2014/04/20/my-sisters-keeper-how-the-church-and-msm-failed-dr-teleka-patrick

  9. Bride says :

    Conspiracy theories are not fact. Unwanted babies?! Where is your evidence? The autopsy is not completed yet! Let God be the judge and not you.

    The private investigator is getting paid to do and say what the family of Ms. Patrick wants. Anyone who thinks that it is normal for her talking to the camera, pretending to talk to her lover who is not there, is off his nut. That kind of behavior is unstable and just plain weird!

    BTW, in order for Pastor Sapp to obtain a restraining order from the courts he would have had to have more than his word. He produced dozens and dozens of e-mails from her that he never responded to as evidence. (That is fact)

    And, why would a grown man contact your mama to tell a grown woman to stop stalking him as one of you suggested? Really?!

    He ignored her until she went to his house while he was working on the road, and talked to his kids, then she went too !@#? far. At this point, she could no longer be ignored as a bothersome inconvenience. He had to involve the police at that point.

    It was reported that her siblings knew of her plan to move to Michigan to get with Marvin Sapp whom she did not know. (The Lord told her to)

    BTW, Ladies, for all women who say that the Lord told them that this man or that is her husband, in the history of God, He has NEVER, EVER, told a woman that any man was her husband! You all need to stop lying on God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and all of their friends..

  10. lisa gilbert says :

    OK Carlin you and Telekas family are speculating how do you know ,she was a basket case and Marvin was not the only man she talked to before she came up missing could it be that her ex is lying and that the media is stacking Marvin because he is a man of God! IGod will work this out Carlin and to Telrkas family you all just want someone to blame keep looking its not Marvin,you know she was crazy she looked like it on her videos cooking food for a man who she knows doesn’t want her,showing up at his house uninvited aintroducing herself as Marvin’s wife, she was crazy!!!!!…I believe telekas statement to her family if anything happens look on the church meant look to God for answers ,cops have media based info and they say once media gets it, it becomes a bed of lies.

  11. Evangilist Debbie Wren says :

    god said ever thing done in the dark will come to the light stop dont judge went until the facts are out pray ye without sin cast the first stone. All have sin and come short of the glory of god shut up and pray.

  12. Karen Cook says :

    People need to quit, especially all those little ladies in the church that’s probably mad that they couldn’t get Pastor Sapp, probably was trying to get him even when his wife was alive but couldn’t. Pastor Sapp is a nice-looking man, whom probably many want as their own, but what was the main reason you attended his church in the first place, to get the minister or to hear the word? and yes I believe he could have been stalked, so many does it now days, couldn’t she have became upset that Pastor Sapp didn’t pay any attention to her so she just ended it all, why would she tell people if anything happened to her check the church, why wouldn’t she just tell people that Pastor Sapp was after her to kill her, Pastor Sapp have been a minister for a long time, probably the ones who was bringing him chicken every Sunday, probably even attended his wife funeral, were the same ones after him for other things. People need to quit trying to judge people and have no idea about this man’s personal life, I enjoy hearing Pastor Sapp minister in song, and if there’s no concrete evidence that he committed a crime, leave that man and his family alone. P.S. No I don’t want Pastor Sapp, I have a man and a life already, amen

  13. Marilyn Word says :

    I dont know Pastor Sapp personally, but I do know that he wasn’t having an affair, his wife passed away a couple of year’s ago.

  14. Chief Apostle Delorise Dixon says :

    All I know is that The message and passion behind all those hit songs speak volumes ” I never would have made it” and ”
    ” He saw the best in me when everyone else around me could only see the worse in me.” Looks to me like the Devil himself has launched a counter act missed! Pray Church!!!!!!!!

  15. Alexanderia bond says :

    So the fuck what he was ladies man…That don’t mean she didn’t stalked him and you can’t get a protection order without some type of valid proof…They just don’t give or protection orders…So maybe the police need to look else where beside 1 person I’m pretty sure he not the only person who had an issue with the lady..He because he a pastor don’t mean he should show her family support hell he have a proctection order so why would he. I would show no support to the family of the person who been stalking and have a proctection order against. Police always quickly to judge black people but never their own..

  16. Cheryl says :

    My mom a stay at home wife, mother went through years of infidelity, cheating drinking, crabs, you name it, yes the said murder of “the Affairee”. (They found him not to be the one who did it) lucky for him, dad. Who knew she would get colon cancer during they’re life together she lived 4 1/2 yrs and he took care of her till she drew her last breath. As soon……. it wasn’t 8 months he ran into a relationship and less than 2 yrs he was remarried. I was still grieving or we were, my siblings and I. My mom said he was the “love of her life”. Through “sickness and health” I don’t know if it was guilt but he cared for her no nurse. It became really challenging but he pressed on until she passed. Thats what you get, for the things that you had done. I helped him and it was bittersweet when God took her home.Men can have a beautiful, wife ,mother of my babies, at home and will go lookin outside for something else, I don’t care how many titles you got by your name.

  17. Belinda Jackson says :

    Everyone Ozarks investigator now….he’s pray for both families & let GOD take care ovit!

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