Gay Talk Show Host Ty Wansley Is One Of The Biggest House Negros In Chicago

Talk Show Host Ty Wansley Is One Of The Biggest House Niggers In Chicago

By: Joan Ross, Posted April 9, 2014 at 4:03 pm US/Central

Chicago has always had its share of House Negros and sell-outs, but you’d be hard-pressed to find one more salient than radio talk show host Ty Wansley.

Wansley, a closet homosexual, has a long history of blatantly selling out to the white establishment without any compunction whatsoever.

In April, 1993, when black people were still mourning the untimely death of Chicago’s first black mayor, Harold Washington, Wansley audaciously inked a deal to co-host a talk show on WLS, with Harold’s racist white nemesis, Ed Vrdolyak. “This will be the greatest boon for race relations this city has ever seen,” said Wansley.

Despite being repudiated by Chicago’s black activist community, Wansley kept his head planted firmly in Vrdolyak’s rectum until the show was cancelled later that year.

Astonishingly enough, in November, 1994, Wansley took his Uncle Tom act to a whole new level by co-hosting yet another show with Vrdolyak on a different station, WJJD-AM (1160).  His  loyalty and willingness to align with his white oppressors is reminiscent of Samuel L. Jackson’s character in the movie “Django Unchained.”

For the last several years, Wansley has been hosting a talk show on V103, called “Chicago Speak’s”, which airs on Sunday mornings, from 6 to 8 am.

The show is nothing more than a big infomercial for Wansley. When he’s not name-dropping and bragging on his longevity in the radio and the various stations he’s appeared on, he’s kissing Jesse Jackson’s ass, featuring him every week like clock work.

Recently, Wansley created a monthly segment on his show called “Ask The Superintendent”, which allows callers to interact with Chicago police superintendent Gary F. McCarthy.  McCarthy specializes in placating black people by pretending to represent their best interest.

Recently, an articulate caller took Wansley to task about not being “pro black” enough and interviewing controversial guess with “kid gloves.”   Wansley, being the true House Negro that he is, evaded the caller’s concerns like the bitch that he is, by criticizing the caller for not offering his name–as if it was a prerequisite for rendering a comment.

The following week, Wansley’s female traits was highly exemplified when he kept bitching making references about the caller from the previous week.  Wansley also induces his gay friends to call his show to agree with his viewpoints and say favorable things about him.

Some grass root organizations are starting to galvanize people in an effort to get Wansley off of the air. Mark Carter, is founder and president of “V.O.T.E.” (Voice of the ex offender). Carter says Wansley is a disgrace to black people past and present, and he’s worthy of repudiation. The sooner we get that ass kissing faggot off the air, the better off black people will be.”

There’s a growing consensus for V103 to remove Wansley on Sunday mornings and bring back longtime Chicago radio personality Cliff Kelley.  Replacing Wansley with a real man, who’s not afraid to embrace the interest of black people would certainly be a step in the right direction.



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9 responses to “Gay Talk Show Host Ty Wansley Is One Of The Biggest House Negros In Chicago”

  1. Taken Aback says :

    What an incredibly vicious tongue you posses…an effort to remove someone from a post is one thing, throwing such awesomely violent bombs of vicious spew to another human is absolutely unfounded. I hope you find the peace in your life you need to change that tongue from hate to reason.

  2. Michael Riley says :

    What is this some 1972 you ain’t black enough article? That played out back in the day when i was a youg buck.. I’m not for homosexuality and all but so what if the guy is gay. God will judge him on that someday. and that jailbird Cliff Kelly is nothing to brag on with his equally played out rap. and when did Gary McCarthy ever say he was for black people. McCarhy is for whatever his boss, Mayor Rahm says.

    • joanross28 says :

      At the end of the day, when you’re done with all your slick talking and petty insults, you’re either for it or you’re against it. You seem to be compromising it. Ty Wansley would probably be alive today had he heeded my appeal for him to change his gay lifestyle and seeking deliverance. The bible says “Cry aloud and spare not.” No REAL MAN would even defend a fag to the extent you have. You may as well keep it real dude!!!!!!

      • Michael Riley says :

        Where’s the compromise? I’m 100 percent against it 24/7.That REAL MAN stuff is straight out of junior high school. I love all people even fags. The bible says to hate sin and to come against the evil spirits that’s behind the sin.

        If you are going too disagree with me and debate me, do it in a mature, grown up way. If you are going to put people down do it in a mature way.

  3. Ms HOLMES says :

    Let the man rest in peace, hater !

  4. Delores says :

    RIP…….I loved Ty and his sensible conversations every Sunday morning..I never called in, just listen to him and his callers about problems we all shared. I never knew he was gay, nor do I give a damn.

    He was professional on the air, I can’t speak about anything else he did or didn’t do.

    I have worked with lots of men and there are some that complaint all the time. Some of them hide it, and complaint to their mates, family, friends, etc. Please allow this man rest in peace. We will feel the lost of his presence. This was a shocker to me, I felt as if a friend has passed on.

    • joanross28 says :

      That’s the real problem…people like you, who encourage that crap!!!! I despise faggots.

      • Michael Riley says :

        Joanross, what are you, 12 yrs old? You sound and write like a kid. I’m 100% against homosexuality, but calling names is not the answer. Homosexuality is a spiritual problem so it’s going to take a spiritual answer to deal with it. Most people don’t know that spirits of homosexuality have to be cast out of a person if they are to be free of that way of life. That’s the real problem the spirits in gay people that are influencing their wrong thinking and desires. I despise the spirits that’s coming against them not the people who don’t even know what they are up against.

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