Filmmaker Tyler Maddox Simms Is Among The Sleaziest In Hollywood When It Comes To Doing Business

Filmmaker Tyler Maddox Simms Is Among The Sleaziest In Hollywood When It Comes To Doing Business

By: Freelance Reporter Joan Ross, Posted April 21, 2014 at 4:03 pm US/Central Email:


It is no secret that the movie industry can be cut-throat at times, but you’d be hard pressed to find someone, who’s more subversive and disingenuous than independent filmmaker, Tyler Maddox Simms.

Tyler, whose real name is Sherri L. Maddox, passes herself off as a god-fearing person, with altruistic intentions, but her business tactics are more compatible with the Don King school of subterfuge.

Since making her independent film debut in 1999, this smooth-talking charlatan has mastered the art of fleecing aspiring actors and behind-the-scenes workers out of money without compunction.

She preys on novice individuals, who are eager to make their mark in the industry–working them 14 and 15 hour days on movie sets for low level wages, with no regard for fairness whatsoever.

Tyler’s lack of integrity is quite salient. One of her assistants by the name of Jeremy, jokingly said “Tyler never met a lie she didn’t like.”

In early April, Tyler acquired the services of a talented music composer/actor by name of Bishop, to score music for her upcoming movie Wishes, in which he had an acting role as well

Tyler told Bishop that her funds were depleted, and asked if he would agree to a deferred payment, by which he would be paid approximately one month after his work was completed. She assured him that the studio owner had already agreed to be paid at a later date as well.

Bishop verbally agreed to take the job, with the assurance that Tyler was operating in good faith. After putting in hours of work, he discovered that Tyler had not been truthful about her lack of funds, and that she was paying the studio owner and others on that same day.

After emphatically denying Bishop’s claim, she finally confessed that she lied to him about not having money.  Bishop was irate and demanded to be paid for the many hours he spent at the studio that day.  Bishop also learned that other workers were in conflict with Tyler concerning their pay.

Tyler first tried to strong-arm Bishop by making reference to a gang member by the name of “Big E”, while outright refusing to pay him. Bishop stood his ground and threatened to pursue legal action if he wasn’t paid.

Two days later, Tyler called Bishop to apologize, and expressed her desire for him to complete the project. She told him that this time around, she would be willing to put their agreement in writing.  Tyler followed up with an email, apologizing to Bishop for her cantankerous behavior.

Tyler’s email to Bishop was as follows:

“I also wanted to say I’m very sorry for anything I said yesterday that was offensive. I love God and I work on my shortcomings daily.”

On March 29, Bishop signed the contract and completed the job.  During the signing of the contract, Bishop noticed that she signed her name as “Tyler” instead of her legal name “Sherri”, which raised the specter of bad faith.

Tyler was quite pleased with the quality of Bishop’s work and reassured him that he would be paid on April 10th, as set forth in the contract.

However, on April 9th, a day before the scheduled pay-day, Tyler contacted Bishop by phone and asked if she could deviate from the contractual agreement by compensating him on April 11th–a day after the agreed date. Bishop was rather leery, but reluctantly agreed.

On April 11th, Tyler continued on with her orchestrated pattern of artifice by contacting Bishop yet again, and asking him if he would allow her to defer the payment–this time until April 15th.  Again, Bishop reluctantly complied with serious reserves.

On the morning of April 15th, at approximately 8am, Tyler contacted Bishop, via phone, and told him she would meet with him no later than 10am that morning.

At 12 noon, after screening Bishop’s calls for the two hours, Tyler finally called him with a concocted story about her being involved in an automobile accident. By then, Bishop was livid and insisted on getting his money.

Bishop expressed his concerns to an actress by the name of Cinderella Graham, who had worked with both Bishop and Tyler on a past project. Cinderella was shocked to learn about Tyler’s petty tactics.. Cinderella is good friends with Tyler’s executive produce, Travis Williams, and offered to reach out to him on Bishop’s behalf.  Travis told Cinderella that he was well aware of Tyler’s fallacies, and that it was “bad for business.”  Travis assured Cinderella that he would reach out to Tyler for the sake of resolving the issue with Bishop.

After Tyler’s plethora of improprieties, she finally agreed to pay Bishop, via an emissary, in a Burger King parking lot, of all places.

Tyler’s treachery didn’t end there.

On April 18th, Tyler sent Bishop a vindictive email informing him that she’s strongly considering not using his music in the broadcast version of Wishes–which would preclude him from collecting future royalties.

Bishop’s written response to Tyler’s email is as follows:

“Tyler (aka Sherri L. Maddox/Simms)

Your non-use of my music, for the sake of depriving me of future royalties and proper credit, does not surprise me at all. Just one of many egregious and deceptive gestures on your part, which adds to the emotional distress and overall indignation I’ve suffered since the inception of our agreement.  
All I can do at this point is exercise my proper legal recourse, and do everything legally possible to warn others, and hopefully, prevent  the next person from experiencing this nightmare, as I have.  Anything beyond that is in God’s hands.”  

Needless to say,  Tyler represents everything that is wrong with today’s film industry.  Her refusal to pay her music composer a relatively small wage, and willingness to take him through a plethora of lies and deception is quite reprehensible and beyond the bounds of some of the industry’s worst misers.

Interestingly enough, Tyler has been heard boasting to others about a so-called “million dollar deal” she’s involved in.  But common sense clearly suggest that if she lacks this much integrity when it comes to paying someone at this level, she couldn’t possibly be trusted with any larger amount.

Bottom line, anyone who does business with Tyler Maddox Simms will likely be faced with some serious caveats when it comes to integrity.

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