Glenn Doc Rivers Is One Of The Biggest Uncles Toms Of Our Time

Glenn Doc Rivers Is One Of The Biggest Uncles Toms Of Our Time

By: Freelance Reporter Joan Ross, Posted April 29, 2014 at 4:03 pm US/Central Email:

There are those defining moments in life when we as black people have to champion a cause for the greater good of our race, and not just our personal gain.

Los Angeles Clipper’s head coach, Glenn “Doc” Rivers not only drop the ball when it came to boycotting the game, but he also expressed disapproval of his team wearing the black band on their arm.

Harriet Tubman, Dr King, and all the black luminaries of the past are rolling over in their graves I’m sure. If they all thought like that, we’d still be that much further behind.

Dr Martin Luther King was offered millions of dollars to
end his movement b
ut he was still willing to make the sacrifices because he truly believed in what he was doing. 

The racist and inflammatory comments on the part of Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling, isn’t nearly as repulsive as the compromising reaction of coach Glenn Doc Rivers.

While real black people were outraged over Sterling’s racist comments, and urging the team not to play the game, Rivers assuaged the severity of the comments saying: “Nothing is more important than our quest for the championship.”

River’s even expressed his disapproval when his team protested before the game by wearing black bands on their arm. Maybe his white wife is forbidding him to take a radical stance.

The NBA’s so-called “zero tolerance” for racism is all a bunch of B.S.
They had more than enough evidence regarding Donald Sterling’s racist behavior–long before the leak of his infamous comments. They were just forced to deal with it now because it became public–not because they really gave a damn.
That’s why I’m so disappointed in Doc Rivers, Kevin Johnson, and all the rest of these spineless, TRAINED NEGROS!!!
They didn’t even have the TESTICULAR FORTITUDE to boycott at least one game to make a real statement to the world that was watching. I don’t care how comforting the Commissioner’s words seemed at today’s press conference; history has taught us that you can’t ever rely on your WHITE OPPRESSORS to champion a cause on behalf of your own people. SMH
Our black ancestors gave their lives for us to have a better life, and yet this millionaire, house negro can’t miss a futile basketball game for such a pertinent cause as this.  I’m sure Dr. Martin Luther King is rolling over in his grave.

All these House Negros (especially Doc Rivers) should be repudiated by every black person on the planet.          – 30 –


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