Filmmaker Tyler Maddox Simms Accused Of Writing Bad Checks To An Entire Crew Of Workers

Filmmaker Tyler Maddox Simms Accused Of Writing Bad Checks To An Entire Crew Of Workers

By: Freelance Reporter Joan Ross, Posted May 2, 2014 at 4:03 pm US/Central Email:

Just when you thought the shady business practices of independent filmmaker Tyler Maddox Simms couldn’t get any worse–it did.

On Friday, May 2, Lea Yardum, a prominent, public relations executive from Paramount Pictures, posted a comment on Tyler’s facebook fan page, accusing her of writing bad checks to an entire crew of workers, whom she hired for her new movie Wishes.

The following is Lea Yardum’s comment to Tyler in its entirety:

“Tyler Maddox Simms–It would be nice if you would pay all the members that you wrote bad checks to for working on WISHES. Every one has been trying to get in touch with you to get paid. Should they just show up at the Rave theater and get cashiers check from you? Or how will you be paying everyone to make good on the bed checks you wrote? Please advise. Thanks ”

Hitherto, Tyler has made no effort to pay the crew members.

Tyler later deleted Lea’s comment, but Scandal Media was able to secure a screenshot prior to it’s removal.

It’s one thing to mess over one or two people, but when you write bad checks for an entire crew of workers on a movie set, you are outright scandalous. Just one more reason why no logical thinking individual should ever do business with Tyler Maddox Simms. – 30 –


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