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R. Kelly’s 14-Year-Old Daughter Falls Into The Sick World Of Transgenderism And Turns Herself Into A Boy

R. Kelly's 14-Year-Old Daughter Falls Into The Sick World Of Transgenderism And Turns Herself Into A Boy

By: Freelance Reporter Joan Ross, Posted June 8, 2014 at 4:03 pm US/Central Email:

R. Kelly’s daughter Jaya hasn’t had much to do with her father in her young life. This is not an uncommon fate for many black children these days–particularly in the city of Chicago.

Now, Jaya has grown up as a 14-year old, but not as the pretty little girl that we once was.

Now, Jaya has decided she wants to be known as Jay–a boy. The child also doesn’t want to be pretty anymore; she would prefer to be handsome.

She is part of the latest repulsive trend in the “Trans-guy” culture, where young people are choosing to claim whatever gender they identify with the most.

The only reference we could find on what it means to be a trans-guy is Wikipedia, which gives this definition -”A trans man (also trans-man or transman) is a female-to-male (FtM) transgender or transsexual person. A trans-man is assigned female at birth, but identifies as male.”

Jay doesn’t appear to have gotten any form of gender reassignment surgery, but does seem comfortable with her new identity. Her mother Andrea has been getting a lot of buzz for her own confused personal life, which is on display on reality TV. Andrea divorced her new husband Brian McKee, after just two months of marriage,  Mnay believe Andrea and Brian staged a fake wedding for ratings.   Either way, it doesn’t seem that she keeps a very stable household.

Not that any of this is the reason that Jaya has become Jay, but kids are certainly affected by the way they are being raised and looked after in their home environment.

Jay has two siblings that came out of the marriage that his parents shared for many years;  Robert Kelly Jr. and Joan Kelly,   But their profiles aren’t as public as their parents or their “brother” Jay.

Seriously though, it’s sad when we have to figure out should we refer to Jay as their sister or their brother? Please give us your opinion.

Jay’s father has also seen no shortage of controversy in his own life, with several women coming forward claiming that he was sleeping with underage girls during the duration of his marriage to Andrea.

One woman’s story, told to Essence Magazine, was so graphic and detailed that it made many people second-guess his innocence, if they believed it at all.

So, we just hope that the children were kept safe from their parents, who seem to have issues of their own. But in fairness, what marriages don’t have issues?  Celebrity relationships seem even more complicated than the rest.

To normal people, it is quite sad to see a beautiful young child destroy her innocence and succumb to the dark world of transgenderism. – 30 –


Members Of The Black Community Accuse Holland Reid And Joey Jackson Of Being ‘House Negros’ For HLN

Members Of The Black Community Accuse Holland Reid And Joey Jackson Of Being House Negros For HLN

By: Freelance Reporter Joan Ross, Posted June 5, 2014 at 4:03 pm US/Central Email:

Holland Reid is an African American entertainment commentator for the HLN cable network.  If you heard her voice, without seeing her, you’d think she was white–given her Caucasian vocal tone and speech cadence.

Under normal circumstances, Holland’s facebook page is placid, and inundated with a plethora of favorable comments. But recently, all hell broke loose when Holland posted a photo of herself posing with HLN commentator Joey Jackson–another white sounding black man, who abandoned his blackness while covering the Trayvon Martin Trial last summer.

In the photo caption, Holland emphatically expressed her desire to do a show with Joey after the two had worked together for the first time on a show earlier that day.  Holland continued her kiss-up job by referring to Joey as “incredibly handsome, talented and brilliant.”

That posting by Holland drew an unexpected barrage of criticism from her black facebook friends, who remembered how Joey blatantly sacrificed the interest of black people for the sake of furthering his career during the Trayvon Martin trial.

One particular gentleman by the name of Bishop stood in dissent of Holland by pointing out that Joey is articulate and intelligent, but strikingly compromising in his analogies of the Trayvon Martin trial on HLN.  Bishop added by referring to Joey as “just another trained Negro, who sold out to the white establishment.”

Holland  went on the defensive by denouncing the term “house negro”,and stating that it was “unacceptable” on her facebook page.

But that didn’t stop the onslaught of attacks.

Bishop further articulated his criticism by saying:  “Perhaps the term is somewhat abrasive, but it’s hard to come up with euphemistic terms for a black individual, who lacks the intestinal fortitude to advocate in the best interest of his own people. HLN had no problem featuring George Zimmerman’s racist friend–his name escapes me–who made offensive remarks every chance he got, when defending that murderer. I find it quite reprehensible how a well articulated individual like Joey Jackson could put on blinders and never call it for what it is. Holland, my choice of words are not necessarily “unacceptable.” Perhaps you’re just too close to Joey as a colleague to speak from an independent vanish point like I’m able to do. The plight of our people is far more important than your ostensible photo with Joey.”

Bishop’s comment prompted Holland to defend Joey more emphatically to show her white supporters that she was a good little Negro gatekeeper.

In true sell out fashion, Holland wrote the following:  “Considering I posted a PHOTO of Joey and I and not an opinion of his coverage on that case…. I will only The judgement and name calling is again… Uncalled for. It is and will ALWAYS be unacceptable to call someone , whom you’ve NEVER sat down with, a “trained negro.” .

The pro-black Bishop took exception to Holland’s butt kissing when he wrote:  “Joey Jackson is a public figure, who’s not above reproach. I’m not oblivious to the fact that as a black woman employed at a white company, you have to play it a certain way. However, you shouldn’t try to excoriate others, who choose to offer a well-informed, dissenting viewpoint. It’s not like my opinion of Joey Jackson isn’t factually based. It is my sincerest hope that when it’s your turn to expound on a highly charged race issue, you’ll keep the best interest of black people at heart and not forsaken us like Joey did.”
Holland’s Uncle Tom proclivities was also recognized by yet another facebook friend by the name of Maggie, who wrote:  “Holland is sucking up to those crackers so she can advance her career. She’s not a real black woman at all. Harriet Tubman is rolling over in her grave.”
As the debate intensified, Holland attempted to deflect criticism by posting a screen shot of Maggie and another detractor on her page and deleting them as facebook friends so they couldn’t defend themselves.
Maggie’s sister-in-law Gloria chimed in and wrote the following: “Maggie L. James is my sister-in-law. My husband and I are outraged at you for posting a photo of her on your fb page and speaking negative about her without her being able to defend herself. Are you sure you wanna go down this road? I don’t think it’s good practice for you as a public figure to open yourself up to an internet war this early in your career.. My husband and I are quite reputable here in the Atlanta area and we have the numbers and ability to galvanize a substantial number of people to inundate HLN headquarters and Google with blogs, protest, and phone calls until you are successfully removed and reverted back into obscurity. If this petty post is not removed in a timely fashion, our “ANTI HOLLAND REID CAMPAIGN” will officially begin, and it will not bode well for you. You don’t believe me? Try us!.” .
A little later in the debate, Joey Jackson chimed in: “Holland: You did a FABULOUS job today and I can’t wait to work with you again!!! You are EXCEPTIONAL!!! I value and respect all opinions and take no offense to the people who voice them. We are a National media, and no matter what’s said– many will disagree. My job is to analyze, and give a reasoned and objective perspective. I will continue to do so proudly– irrespective of whether the victim or defendant under discussion is green, blue, purple, while or black. God bless you all.” added Jackson.
The operative words in Joey’s statement were “objective perspective.”
If Joey’s perspective was at all “objective” as he purports, it would’ve been exemplified in at least one of his daily analogies of the Trayvon Martin Trial, a case suffused with racial angst.
Disconcertingly enough, HLN regularly featured a devout George Zimmerman supporter by the name of Frank Taaffe on various shows on their network.  Taaffe has a lengthy criminal record that includes charges of domestic violence and burglary, and also a history of airing virulently racist views.
Despite the overt disrespect of black people, on a nightly basis, we couldn’t count on Joey Jackson to be objective enough to assess the case properly.
 It was as if he was instructed by his white network bosses to not say anything pejorative about Zimmerman and nothing favorable about Trayvon Martin.  Despite the scores of evidence incriminating Zimmerman’s guilt, our white oppressors can always count on Uncle Tom Joey to stay under their subjugation by assuaging Zimmerman’s undeniable guilt.
As far as I’m concerned, Holland and Joey should be repudiated by every social conscious black person in the world.  – 30 –