Bishop T.D. Jakes Had One Of His Ministers Removed From A Sunday Morning Service For Writing A Tell All Book

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By: Freelance Reporter Joan Ross, Posted June 26, 2014 at 4:03 pm US/Central Email:

Dallas–Scandal Media has learned that mega-pastor, Bishop T.D. Jakes created quite a scene recently during a church service when he had a longtime elder of his church escorted out of the building by security for writing a tell-all book entitled:  “The Sunday Morning Stick Up: What Your Pastor Doesn’t Want You To Know About Tithes.”.  

The author of the book, Elder David Lee Richardson has been apart of the Potter’s House church for a number of years and has been apart of many non profit organizations–traveling the globe evangelizing. . Bishop Jakes is known to other ministers around the world as the “KING PIMP”, pimping members in the body of Christ out of their hard earned money Sunday after Sunday.

Jakes has procured millions over the years with a plethora of money making gimmicks. He continues to pimp weak minded believers out money as often as possible.

During a normal church service at the so-called Potters House, it takes Jakes only 10 or 12 minutes to collect an offering from thousands of brainwashed followers, primarily, because he always has a story to share about a member receiving a miracle–normally before the money is procured.

But one has to wonder what is it about that book that would make Pimp-daddy Jakes kick a long time Elder out of his church during a Sunday morning service.  Sense that incident, neither Jakes nor Elder Richardson has had any contact.

Scandal Media has also learned that Jakes is charging ministers/elders of his church $1,100 to attend a conference for two days so he can “pour into their lives.” Also, many of the ministers and elders don’t have the money to attend, and are taking out Payday Loans, and getting into debt just to attend his events.  Many of his ministers have fell on hard times in the past, and asked the church for help and the answer has been “No.”

According to another friend who is a former staff member of The Potter’s House, Jakes charges any where from $55,000 to $100,000 to come preach at your church.  Plus a luxury hotel room, meals, and your church must be a certain size before he even agrees to fool with you. Half of the money is due up front, and you must agree to give Jakes 50% of the offering raised.

Elder Richardson says Jakes has never been about the business of winning souls for Christ, only about making his pockets fatter. Anybody that’s in Jakes inner circle should never try to educate folks about tithing because you will be excoriated and jettisoned from his inner circle. People in these churches forget the love of God is free, and needs to start thinking for themselves.     – 30-

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296 responses to “Bishop T.D. Jakes Had One Of His Ministers Removed From A Sunday Morning Service For Writing A Tell All Book”

  1. beautifullypamela says :

    When you enter a restaurant it’s not because the owner is or isn’t rich, it’s because the service and meal is good. Salvation is free , Jesus paid it all.
    It’s up to the people to educate themselves on the word of God. Most people have Bibles in their houses as part of the decorum, never opening it, but will readily blame their lack of on someone else. There is a scripture that reads ” I would have you not to be ignorant.” If you feel these Minister are wolves in sheep clothing, God will strip them before the eyes that exalted them, but don’t let such behaviors turn you from God. God is the ultimate resource.

    • Yeesraelah Holloway says :

      YOUr correct however teacher preachers have a responsibility to teach the flock. People do need to read there word. But Leaders don’t have the right to deceive either. The scripture does say woe unto them who scatter the sheep.It breaks my heart to see people like this fruad man do this . The real churches that are doing the work cant get a dime but we give to these people may YAHUAH help us all

      • Bishop Nwansi says :

        We here in the inner cities do the heavy lifting but the wolves and foxes get the meal.

    • Charles and Vanessa Ragland says :


    • Kenneth Allen II says :

      Amen! Yes!!! Yes!!! Yes!!! Everything you said is the truth. I am just seeing this post on 7/18/17, as it was posted on a friend’s wall. I write about this all the time though in my poetry chapbooks. For many years I have been speaking of the false prophets that as in the bible.

      Matthew 24:24
      24 For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.

      Ken “Oxygen” Allen II (under construction)

      God bless you and your family!!!

  2. Marbusinesslady (@ladyofmanytrade) says :

    the book been published yet? do anyone really think hes brainwashing? when it comes to my money if a pastor is asking for more than 10% he won’t get it…i haven’t researched about whether Jakes charged that kind of money.. if so then we as people have to search our souls regards wanting to be in the presence of such a person…its no benefit for us to invite luxury in our church ..only God gets the glory in my eyes

    • Yeesraelah Holloway says :

      DEAR BROTHER Yes this could be true. But we as a people must look at the ground we a giving too. We so often what to hear for our creator YAHUAH that we don’t read his word. besides Most churches don’t due tithing according to the word of YAHUAH. Read the book of numbers

    • carolyn says :

      Well, if you really think about it your 10% ( which is really not yours, but God’s, that 100% belongs to God, not you, He just allows you to use that remaining 90%) That 10% goes to the spreading of God’s Word and also maintaining your church. Lights,gas, air conditioner and paying salaries for the paid workers of the church. Read your Bible, money is the least of all. Be a good steward of the money that God has blessed you with.

      • Michael Fisher says :

        Carolyn what you saying is not true tithe was never about money. When you actually read the bible tithe was about your crop the 10% was taken from each of the 12 tribe of Israel to subtain the Tribe of Levi b/c God didn’t give them an inheritance but those in the church don’t k ow this b/c they don’t read. Show you that the church don’t read the Sabbath is Saturday that’s the day people are to gather and learn the scriptures to be able to govern ourselves according to the Law, Statutes, & Commandments of God. Time that people wake up and come out of these devil temples.

      • Victoria says :

        It truly all does belong to God. But there is no excuse for anyone who works for God to have an exorbitant salary. Jesus’ apostles were unlettered and ordinary men who proved their willingness to support themelves. The shameless luxury of some pastors give God a bad name. You cannot go wrong if you live simply.

      • Bishop Nwansi says :

        True that.

      • Michael says :

        Well in my bible I don’t remember Jesus charging anyone for not one sermon, not one miracle, not one appearance. Yes we have to take care of the church, but why are the givers living in poverty. But the pastor living like a king? Alot of these so called preacher gonna bust hell wide open. I like Bishop Jakes and I hope this isn’t true. But the word of God and his salvation is free and shouldn’t be used for the advancement of anyone. Im glad true believers understand that it is never about the preacher, but the word of God, put your trust in God…not man.

      • The Rabbi says :

        AMEN!!! The people on waking up, Jesus and Capitalism don’t work. Get out of the Flesh Plantation Preacher. Get Born Again Jn 3:5 and get in the SPIRIT

    • Pastor Ken Jackson says :

      I have a feeling that those amounts are just the tip of the iceberg. Jakes has always been about money…this is no surprise.

  3. Mark says :

    The point is church folks fighting against church folks. We as Christians need to pray for one another rather than pick each other apart. This is not God’s Will for us. The pastor in that link preached about how organized demons are and how you never hear stories about how demons or witches or principalities fight against each other. They are organize in pursuit of a common purpose. He said church folks and Christians are the only ones who can’t come together for a common purpose. The bottom line is, “He without sin cast the first stone.” Regardless if this article is true or not, let’s just pray for each other. It and it alone glorifies God and not decimating negative stories about a man of God who have been a source of hope and guidance to so many throughout the world. God bless all who have took part in this very spirited debate.

    • T says :

      Not everyone that calls him or herself a Christian is actually a true one. The same as all those that will say Lord, Lord in that day of judgment. Not all will enter God’s Kingdom. Christians are to pray without ceasing, but also mark those among them that cause division; those that scatter sheep; those that operate in outside of God’s Word, Will, and Spirit.

    • troy pottah says :

      These are NOT church folks..

    • Victoria Em says :

      Jesus warned of False prophets, “Be on the watch for false prophets…”- Matthew 7:15. Jesus also instructed his followers how to find his true followers, ” By this all will know that you are my disciples-if you have love among yourselves.” – John 13:35 If you are of the Christian faith and you witness your elders and members among you are not following Jesus admonition then you are likely a sheep in the mouth of a wolf. At Revalation 18:4, A voice out of heaven says “Get out of her my people….”
      Even in 1 Timothy 3:1-5, one of the requirements of our Christian overseers is not to be a lover of money.

    • Azanyah says :

      Hopefully you will awaken from your sleep.

    • Sean Shelton says :

      So forget whether he is deceiving or not just pray. I am sorry but I can’t be that stupid. There is no such thing as a tithe. This was a Roman catholic taxation law.

    • Divine says :

      I understand what you are saying Mark but what about all those people who are following him? Shouldn’t they be told the truth about their so called leader?

      • joey says :

        This isn’t the first time I heard these people bash this preacher I don’t know what kind of vengeful Revenge that they feel like they need to do this obviously they’ve been hurt somewhere along the line but woe to them because he is Anointed and I would be afraid if I was them cuz it’s God in CONTROL and everyone who comes against God’s anointed in the scripture gets destroyed REMEMBER THAT MY FRIEND,YOU’VE BEEN WARNED.

      • joey says :

        Waaa…..waaa,keep crying you bunch of babies .don’t you have other peaple too attack like the pharmacy industries for destroyin your youth on prescription medicine.Noooo,you want too atack someone whos trying to make the world a little brighter and HOPE.ALL the bad going on in the world an you can find THIS man too complain about.SHAKE MY HEAD.COMPLAIN ABOUT THE PORN,LIQUOR AND TATOO SHOPS THAT ARE ALL AROUND YOUU,NO NO PROBLEM WITH THAT RIGHT,LOL.YOUR A JOKE.

  4. beautifullypamela says :

    When you enter a restaurant it’s not because the owner is or isn’t rich, it’s because the service and meal is good. Salvation is free , Jesus paid it all.
    It’s up to the people to educate themselves on the word of God. Most people have Bibles in their houses as part of the decorum, never opening it, but will readily blame their lack of knowledge on someone else. There is a scripture that reads ” I would have you not to be ignorant.” If you feel these Minister are wolves in sheep clothing, God will strip them before the eyes that exalted them, but don’t let such behaviors turn you from God. God is the ultimate resource.

  5. kephra says :

    Im in the wrong effin profession!!!

  6. LoRetta Brock says :

    It sounds as though you believe that any saving of souls under Jakes ministry was a by- product of his fund raising activities. How does it feel for you to know the heart of man?

  7. Don says :

    I don’t know if this is true or not. and neither do you! Here’s an idea. Read the book first, before the hatchet job.

    Here’s my take. I haven’t seen your video linked above, but I can tell just from the image that you’re one of those loud mouth libs, going to school on your daddy’s dollar, who’s never had a “real” job in your whole life, but who likes to make draw attention to yourself by blasting things you don’t understand or were told that you should dislike. Is that true. Do I care?

    How does it feel?

  8. Jai Bnax says :

    I have been blessed through this ministry on countless occasions. The ministry of giving is a supernatural act fortified by faith in the word of God and not man. When you give from the heart no matter what the objective is from the receiver you will be blessed beyond your expectations. AND YOU CAN TAKE THAT TO THE BANK!!!

    • Nevergonetell says :

      There are also those among us who have been blessed beyond measure without this mans ministry. I am blessed because I love God and have a relationship with my maker. I am blessed because I trust God will take care of me and provide all of my needs. I am blessed because I am willing to put the work in because just as my father taught me faith without works is dead. I am blessed because I chose to study Gods word and prayed for Devine interpretation . I am blessed because Gods word taught me to give to those who are in need without expecting anything in return except the good feeling I get from giving. And all of the above is free. I don’t understand how grown folk continue to give their money to a church in order to receive blessings from God. I don’t understand how grown folk can watch these prosperity ministers live in the lap of luxury while many of them struggle to survive. Somewhere , some how the true meaning of what it means to follow God, what it means to teach the word of God , learn the word of God , live by the word of God has gone terribly wrong and there are some people out here willing to take advantage.

    • Pastor Ken Jackson says :

      Blind faith is a sin.

      • The Rabbi says :

        Get out of the Flesh and get Born AgainJn 3:5 so that you can SEE the Kingdom of the Hebrew God of Israel. Get Born of the Water and of the Spirit, so that you may ENTER into the Kingdom of the Hebrew God of Israel. Jesus was not talking to Gentile. We Left the plantations of America, and were freeded. The first thing we take with us, was the RELIGION that kept us OPPRESSED, AND IN BONDAGE!!! God forbid, You Generation of Vipers. Get Born Again Preacher. Supernatural My You Know What!!!!

        Greek Theology Is of Satan. Yashua the Anointed Christ never TAUGHT that to the Children of Israel. The Hustle is coming to a Close. False Profit!!!!!

      • joey says :

        You were born in sin stuiped,thats why Jesus paid the price on the cross.stop actin so high an rightous. Pride cometh before a fall.

  9. Doreen says :

    The bible stated 10% and that is our minimum obligation to the church.mmmmmm

    • Victoria Em says :

      The 10% requirement is a Jewish, Old Testament law. Christ fulfilled the law. (Matthew 5:17) So a strict 10% tithe is not necessary just like animal sacrifices are no longer necessary. Nevertheless, donations are needed at all that is required is that they should be from the heart. Like the poor widow Jesus mentioned who donated two small coins. (Luke 21:2) Also, while Christ’s disciples accepted donations, they were also working men who did not use donated funds to live a lavish lifestyle. Christ admonishes his followers to live a simple life. (Matthew 6:19-20) And many of Christ’s early disciples were working men who also made time to minister. Acts 18:3 points out that Apostle Paul, Aquila and Priscilla were tent makers.

    • Sean Shelton says :

      That is just not true. Nowhere in the bible does it say that. And the verse render under to caesar to which is caesar is a Roman catholic taxation law.

    • The Rabbi says :

      A church in the Flesh that only Profits The False Prophet, The Hebrew God Forbid!!!!

      You shall know them by their fruits

  10. Alex says :

    I can tell that the writer is not a devoted member of any church. He certainly is not a giver. Ambitious, superstitious, and lacking any creative thought provoking, writing skills so why not stir the pot with the biggest name in the Mega Church Circle. I am not a member of Bishop Jakes Church.. I know the feed the hungry, help clothe the naked, provide counseling for children, and adults a like. They havea great school and support mission works around the World. Mr. Writer spend time building up others and your legacy might be more than negativity… Brainwashed…. Maybe your the one brainwashed into believing that you woke yourself up this morning, or maybe you made this day possible. Not hardly.. It’s offering time in the house of The Lord! Let’s pray!

  11. christiancourtney says :

    It’s sad you would admit that you have never read a them book you are talking about and pass along other bogus information without any sources

  12. Ms. Cobb says :

    I am not saying this about him but beware of the wolves in sheep clothing…

  13. Taylor says :

    I believe every word of this man. Jakes said one time he doesn’t do funerals yet he attended the great Queen Huston, he doesn’t di counseling yet the beautiful Lisa Ray had a live show one on one with Him……smh

  14. Lisa Whatley-Quisenberry says :

    There is only 1 True church–Jesus Christ is the Head and we are the body. We need to remember that it is written in 2 Timothy 4:1-4: That people will only hear what their ears are itching to hear. We really need to hold these people in prayer because James 3:1 says they will face a stricter judgement that people who are not preachers or teachers and we know that the parable of the 99 Lost Sheep and the Prodigal Son tells us that God not only wishes that we all receive eternal life but that God is overwhelmed when one of His own come back to Him! Let us pray for TDJakes if you feel he is out of line. God bless.

  15. PP says :

    Lets not put our mouth on the man of God. If its true or not, we as believers of Jesus Christ just need to pray. Its just praying time. The BIBLE tells us “Nothing new under the sun”
    if TD Jake or the young man that wrote the book is in error God already no. He (God)will will judge between the two. Love conquers a multitude of sin.

  16. Keith says :

    If this is true in anyway, God will deal with Jakes in ways that you and can’t imagine. Now I also take issue with this report because you are encouraging your readers to be as guilty as he by your last stament, that was “for saints to think about themselves”.

    A saints our gifts, talents and abilities brings us a types of wealth. So, I take no issue with the many different streams of income that he had coming in. I was told that he doesn’t get paid from his ministry any more and employees are many with living wages. Ijs

  17. Betty Hayes says :

    I could never watch him because he never uses a bible and I never heard him quote a scripture. Maybe he did the times I haven’t watched him, I don’t know. However, you don’t use God’s time up in church by using pity on women, you have to use that time to PREACH THE WORD OF GOD TO PEOPLE!! The Word of God is what changes people, not your own personal conversation with them.

  18. Ron says :

    MY book “Tithing Fact or Fiction” (on Amazon) tell the tithing fraud loud and clear.

  19. Sandy says :

    God is pulling back the covers in 2015. Brace yourself this is just the beginning.

  20. brian says :

    its a shame that some preachers be hating that they cant bring the word like jakes can, yes god love is free but the building has to be paid for ect…..time has changed since the biblical days…… you think god an his deciples would walk as they did if cars was available…no

  21. Brownvj says :

    The reason mega-churches are so huge is due to spiritual ignorance. The congregation of the mega-church prefer to be entertained by a charismatic man (or woman) than to hear the true gospel. They pay dearly for soft teachings with their souls.

    • Woolly says :

      What exactly is the true gospel?

      • The Rabbi says :

        That’s a great question you ask. The real Gospel is when Jesus teaching from a Hebrew perspective, Set the Captives Free, and. mend the Brokenhearted. The real Gospel is when Jesus tell you how to Love your Wife, like Christ Loved the Church, and gave himself. The real gospel is when Jesus tells you how to earn your living by Trading, and not working by the sweat of your brow which is it curse

        The Real Gospel is when Jesus commands his Born-Again believers to love ye one another, as HE also love you. The Real Gospel is when you do not conform to This World, and be transformed by the Renewing of your MIND.

        The Real Gospel is when an Anointed Preacher Preaches The Gospel from, “Jesus’s Doctrine,” not his own Natural Thoughts.

        The Real Doctrine/Gospel is when you tithe 10%, and those resources go to the BUILDING of the KINGDOM, OF THE HEBREW GOD OF ISRAEL!!!, not setting yourself aside in a gated community, while you drive fine cars, and fly in Lier Jets. that’s all THE WORKS OF SATAN, in the flesh.

        Counsel Rest!!!

  22. itsonlyeyr says :

    Hate to say it Mr Jakes but I’ve kind of lost a bit of respect for you and your ministry. First you handled this situation in the most UNGODLY manner a pastor could have handled it in. Secondly, if this man made claims you deemed weren’t true then what happened to letting God deal with the UNGODLY???? You don’t think there was a more “CHRIST LIKE” Way to deal with it rather than have the man THROWN OUT BY THE POLICE DURING SERVICE IN FRONT OF HIS CHILDREN???? Why were the police even involved? WHAT CRIME DID HE COMMIT. Chances are what he wrote was spot on and I’ve always known the truth to cause folk to act just like you did when exposed. On that note I end with this…. WHERE WAS CHRIST IN YOUR ACTIONS TOWARDS THIS MAN? COULD YOU PLEASE SHOW ME THE PART OF YOU THROWING THIS GUY OUT THAT WAS IN HIS IMAGE??????????

  23. francenia Parker says :

    I have never met bishop Jake’s in person, but I have followed him on television, and find his teachings to be very interesting and insightful. He has written several books , articles as well as promoted and directed several movies. I’m almost sure he gets paid for doing those jobs as well. Just saying.

  24. charlotte greene says :

    how does having a page entitled Scandal media edify God? how is it that you are comfortable spreading negativity? real or rumor? what part of this picture makes you feel like you are helping promote the KINGDOM oF GOD? or doing the Body of Christ justice? sincerely praying for your eyes to be made OPEN

  25. prophetessdickson2 says :


    • Jasmin says :

      Agreed! I am a member and I am by NO MEANS brainwashed. He has been a wonderful leader and blessing to my life.

  26. Prophet-Leonard Barrett says :

    In the New Testament tithe or tithing are found eight times (Matthew chapter 23 verse 23; Luke chapter 11 verse 42; Chapter 18 verse 12; Hebrews chapter 7 verses 5-6, 8-9). All of these passages refer to the Old Testament usage. No New Testament epistle contains any instructions or a rebuke for failing to tithe.

    No Apostle ever instructed the church to tithe- or as is known-sow a seed of money (which is actually the word of GOD according to JESUS). In fact we see that a number of rich people gave more than 10%, i.e. Barnabas. (Acts chapter 4 verse 32; Chapter 5 verse 11).

    The necessity of giving is mentioned in (2 Corinthians chapter 9 verse 7) with the right attitude. The point is church folks think that when we withstand wrong in the churches we are fighting against church folks. We as Christians need to withstand other leaders like Apostle Paul did when he withstood Apostle Peter in (Galatians chapter 2 verse 11).

    This is how Apostle Paul see it in (Acts chapter 20 verses 34-35, 36-38). He was mentioning this way of leadership to the leaders. There is no way you are going out on the by-way and telling the people to pay to hear you and for getting the Word of JESUS in (Matthew chapter 10 verse 8).

    “According to another friend who is a former staff member of The Potter’s House, Jakes charges anywhere from $55,000 to $100,000 to come preach at your church. Plus a luxury hotel room, meals, and your church must be a certain size before he even agrees to fool with you. Half of the money is due up front, and then you must agree to give Jakes 50% of the offering raised that night. If this is true, which I think he did, we need someone like Brother Paul to withstand him. Knowing therefore the terror of the LORD, we persuade men; but we are made manifest unto GOD; and I trust also are made manifest in your consciences. (2 Corinthians chapter 5 verse 11).”

  27. Peggy says :

    God is not the author of confusion, nor does He needs our help in certain matters.I believe that we serve a God that knows when and how to deal with those that have turned His house into anything other than He would have it.There is nothing hidden that God will not reveal in due time trust God’s timing.

  28. troy pottah says :

    The fact that he needs ‘security’ is proof that hes a fraud. He doesnt have enough faith to believe God is protecting him because he knows HE isnt. What a con artist. Hes fat and he growls. He doesnt preach. What a creep .

    • Jasmin says :

      Not true. I’ve witnessed, in service, people trying to throw dead chickens and all other types of voodoo foolishness at his during service. He is a bishop but he is also a celebrity. He trusts God however, God has also given us a spirit of discernment to not be a fool. I trust that Christ will protect me, but I’m also not about to take the city bus to work wearing a Rolex and Christian Louboutins while carrying a Chanel bag. That’s just stupid. And he drives his personal car to and from church, no driver. Not as secure as he good be if he wanted to. Speak what you know because vulnerable souls are reading/listening.

  29. Big Al says :

    I look at this like many other attacks on the body of Christ. If you think this is just about Jakes you are sadly deceived yourself. Instead of passing trash like this around we need to lift one another in prayer. The truth be told we all have something that we need to get right so take that time spent on other to work on ourselves. I’m not putting Jakes on a mountain but I trust God enough to know that he will take care of anyone that needs to be dealt with. Not my job. My job is to spread the gospel not the rumors.

  30. Jamaal Jabari says :

    How Did T.D.Jakes, Creflo Dollar, Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyers, Kenneth Copeland, etc. Qualify To Teach The Doctrine Of Yeshua/Jesus The Anointed Christ? According to the Scriptures Yeshua was sent to Seek, and To Save That Which was Lost. The Lost Tribe Of Israel. Jesus never Preached The Gospel to “Gentiles”.

    The “Jesus Game” is about exploiting the Weak, Despised, and Rejected. The Slaves was not allowed to Read, let alone Understand. In the New Testement Jesus Disciples were Jews, Not Negros The Black Man, Ham, or Anglo-Saxon’s The White Man Japheth Genesis 9:27.

    Christianity in America is A Hustle!!! A Con-Game.. Some people truly want to serve Jesus, but The Love of $$$ Chokes The Word. When was the last time T.D.Jakes washed the members feet/His Brothers? Jesus washed his disciples feet to show his humility towards his brother. John 13:14. The World is A lier, when it comes to worshipping the True, Anointed Christ!! #TheRabbi

  31. Shirley says :

    The last comment made people in these churches need to remember God love is free. True also you free to give your money where you want to give it, go to the movies you have to pay go to the zoo, you have to pay, go get groceries from the store you have to pay go get a job you have to pay(tax)I.You have to pay for everything you want. Not crazy about TD Jakes he is Shady, he could do better also for the Community.

    • Kamala Jabari says :

      Jesus, The Anointed Christ came to seek and to save that which was lost, and that which was lost was the children of Israel. The Hebrew God sent his Son. The Word became flesh to restore God’s people back to him.

      When it comes to the Doctrine of Christ Jesus the Anointed Messiah it has nothing to do with people who are not Born Again. Jesus never preach the gospel to gentiles. The so-called Christian preachers today is a part of the American Capitalistic system of exploitation.

      Can you imagine God loving something so much that he sent his Only Son to restore Israel, and Jesus decides to take some time off from Opening The Eyes the blind, Laying Hands on the Sick, and Casting out Devils, to go make a movie, In the Flesh? God forbid!!!

  32. Harold says :

    Visit to check out facts about the tithe lie and much more! And it’s FREE info just like Jesus is FREE!

  33. Apostle Valcena Lamon says :

    I’m saddened by this because as a Pastor I always do what is right with the tithes and offerings. And MOST PASTORS ARE HONEST, HUMBLE SERVANTS OF GOD.
    We can only pray for those who defile God’s Word!

  34. Dee Black says :

    Jesus ain’t real bruh

    • The Rabbi says :

      I can respect that Jesus may not being real to you and that’s okay. I thank The Hebrew God for his Son. Jesus is the only one who has never lied to me. Dee Black, your name Explains It All.

  35. Jasmin says :

    Readers PLEASE DO NOT believe this petty balogna. The author is obviously bitter about something, Playing to the effect that Bishop Jakes is greedy and only cares about money. But he is only at the Dallas church to personally preach maybe 2-3 Sundays out of each month now because he has his own talk show, still produces movies, writes books etc. I have been a member of the Potter’s House for 16 years (I’m 28 now) and Bishop Jakes ONLY asks for tithes and offering ONCE each service… there is only a building fund when something is being built and you can actually see the progress and the finished product within 1-2 years. The children’s learning center is AMAZING! And whenever there are guest speakers at the Dallas campus, famous well-known preachers anyway, he almost always takes up a “Love/appreciation” offering (which is NOT mandatory) for their time and the word they blessed the congregation with, and even then he will bypasses the church offering for that service to thank them for their time and blessing, so it’s nothing he requires that he doesn’t do for others. And people who have him preach at their churches will draw a crowd and in turn make increased offering and tithe profits off his appearance and sermon… heck I’d want my cut too for my services too! It’s no different than a celebrity making an appearance at a club to host a party or something, or a celebrity or famous individual speaking at a conference… you get paid for the crowd you draw. It is the Lord’s work, yes… but it is also BUSINESS. When someone takes time away from their congregation or income producing activities to offer their expertise, YES! You SHOULD compensate them! If he was doing everything for free, just like any of us in our everyday lives, he would be taken advantage of EVERY TIME. Homestly, to me, to be on his level, $50,000 is way less than what I would have expected if that’s even true. And if I had a close circle around me who is supposed to hold me down and have my back, I would fire them too for trying to write about me or produce something at my expense for their own personal gain or come up!
    In my 16 years as a member, I’ve never seen anything malicious go on. The church even sends you statements at the end of the year so you can file your taxes and get back what you gave! People just expect EVERYTHING to be free and are too self-entitled. this article isn’t even written in an academically acceptable manner. Grammitical errors left and right with NO citation or reliable sources of information present. Clearly petty and bitter smh.

    • Sharonda says :

      Hell. You spelled grammatical wrong….
      Go figure..the pot calling the kettle black
      Sit down with this nonsense. Church is a business. That’s the problem.
      Show me in the bible where God said church should be a profit making venture for preachers while their members are struggling in life.

      • The Rabbi says :

        Matthews 7:14 Because Strait is the gate and narrow is the way, and few there be that find it.

        The False PROPHETS Are “PREYING” on the people’s Emotions, and Lack of Knowledge!!!

        But The people are beginning to AWAKE!!!!

    • Sylvia King says :

      Good for you! Your reply is perfect. What people may not realise a loaf of bread, car insurance and bills are the same cost for a preacher or one who serves in ministry as any other person. I have had the occasion to participate in an event and small group setting with TD Jakes, and he is first a man of God, and secondly he is using the gifts God has given him to enlarge his tents. And to prosper. Right now I’m pretty confident that Pastor Jakes income consists of the royalties from his book, Movie’s and not from the church. Speakers of his calibre would charge no less than 100,000 or more for a speaking engagement, and those speakers are less well known, and beneficial. The minister who is speaking against TD Jakes is really slandering him and making himself look bad and trying to give the body of Christ a black eye. This smacks of envy and jealousy if any of it is remotely true.

      • joey says :

        Amen you said it sister,BITTER is an understatment,God will deal with him.and frankly they all need too shut up! Does the scriptures not say let every man seek his own salvation.we do not have time for this petty can tell about a person,from the fruits they bare.

  36. Leslie W. Alaman says :

    Two sides to EVERYTHING story. Why should we believe Mr. Richardson?

    • The Rabbi says :

      Mr. Richardson it’s not who I’m looking at. It’s the works, you shall know them by their fruits. Jesus Christ of Nazareth would never separate himself from the flock, live in a million dollar mansion, drive a Rolls-Royce while the masses of people suffer in vain.

      That which is born of Flesh is flesh, and that which is born of spirit is Spirit. Church is a con game in America. Jesus is not a Christian, he’s a Jew from the tribe of Judah.

      Tell T.D. Jakes to get Born Again Jn3:5 so that he can SEE the Kingdom of the Hebrew God of Israel.

      The Natural Minded man is only concerned about himself!!! #TheRabbi

  37. Joey Campbell says :

    If what this person is saying is true (the one who wrote the book.) Than there’s nothing for him too worry about.right? BUT for a moment just think about what God has done too peaple who has come against his anointed children who preach his word and God adores an loves.Ill tell you what God does too that person,He SLAYS the shit right out of them.I gotta hand it to’em they got balls knowing they’re going too get thier ass fucked up by God.that would scare the shit outta me.

    • The Rabbi says :

      In The Book of Mark chapter 7 verse 27 Jesus plainly tells the woman who’s Greek, that it is not meet to give the children’s bread to the dogs. Jesus Christ of Nazareth never preached to Gentiles. he came to restore, seek and to save, that which was lost; which was the Lost tribe of Israel. Now you can see why Jesus never preach to people like you based on your response. Look at the language you choose to use concerning a Holy God.

      Satan has deceived the entire world into thinking they’re serving Jesus Christ. Jesus is a Jew, he’s not a Christian. Christianity was created by Japheth, Genesis Chapter 9 verse 27.

      Do you think Jesus The True Messiah is Talking to a negro preacher who is not Born Again Jn 3:5? TD Jakes, Creflo Dollar, Benny Hinn, Joyce Meyers, Kenneth Copeland, and last but not least Joel Osteen. All of these people are “Capitalistic Opportunist”, and False Prophets,

      First of all Jesus was not talking to any of these people, he was talking to his people again, the Lost tribe of Israel in the New Testament. Jesus said if you love me you will keep my Commandments. The first commandment Jesus gave was love ye one another, as I have also love you. I rest my case you can plainly see these Gentiles Preachers only love themselves you shall know them by their fruits. #TheRabbi

      • Victoria says :

        The story you mention in the Bible with regards to the dogs isn’t meant to show that Gentiles cannot receive the teaching of Christ. In the contrary, the Jewish apostle men were to seek out the Jewish people first because they already had a foundation of knowledge of the law Jesus teachings were built upon. Jesus sent out his apostles in an organized and smart way. Once Jews were converted, the the good news of the kingdom could be spread to Gentiles.

        Also Jesus fulfilled the law, so while it wasn’t absolved completely as is evident by Him still teaching the basic tenets of forgiveness, respect for life and abhoring idolatry. Other parts didn’t need to be adhered to like tithes, animal sacrifices, worship on rhe sabbath etc. When the Israelites fled Egypt, they left with a mixed company of people. God has always allowed people who truly love him, join in with his true followers.

        Matthew 28: 19 Go, therefore, and make disciples of people of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the holy spirit, 20 teaching them to observe all the things I have commanded you. And look! I am with you all the days until the conclusion of the system of things.

        Revelation 7:9 After this I saw, and look! a great crowd, which no man was able to number, out of all nations and tribes and peoples and tongues, standing before the throne and before the Lamb, dressed in white robes; and there were palm branches in their hands. 10 And they keep shouting with a loud voice, saying: “Salvation we owe to our God, who is seated on the throne, and to the Lamb.

      • The Rabbi says :

        What an awesome reply. For the record I was simply speaking of Jesus ministry, and who he was sent to set free. The lost tribe of Judah. Jesus Christ of Nazareth shedding of blood on Calvary is a determining factor for all who choose to serve and follow the truth. Jesus the “Son of God” is not a God of emotion, but God of knowledge. By his KNOWLEDGE will my rightful servant justify many.

        Mark 7 verse 26 the woman was a “Greek” Syro- Phenician by Nation. And she besought him that he would cast for The Devil out of her daughter . Verse 27 but Jesus said unto her let the children FIRST be filled: for it is not meet to take the children’s bread and cast it unto the dogs.

        (When Jesus Preach the Gospel there were multitudes of people, and they will not all Jews) verse 28 and she answered and said unto him, Yes Lord: yet the dogs under the table eat of the children’s crumbs. Verse 29 and he said unto her for this saying go thy way, the devil is gone out of that daughter.

        Now to make my point concerning the scriptures. When Jesus said the “Children First” Jesus knew the children of Israel eould not be the only ones in need of salvation.

        “HUMILITY” is the source of power concerning the Teachings and Doctrine of Jesus. Matthew 5:1 blessed is the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

        I don’t personally know TD Jakes, Joyce Meyers, Joel Osteen Kenneth Copeland, or Creflo Dollar, but I do know this; what they teach, and how they live concerning the Gospel of Christ, it’s not according to the Teachings/Doctrine of Jesus.

        You shall know them by their fruits!!!! He that has an ear let him hear!! #TheRabbi

      • Bishop Nwansi says :

        Israel was not the only ones lost. Jesus came to reconcile the world, mankind unto himself. All mankind through Adam have sinned and come short of the glory of God.

      • The Rabbi says :

        “Bishop” Nwansi you are about to expose the fact the You are not Chosen. Only through the crucifixion, and resurrection of Christ, is the Gentile Crafted in Contrary to Nature.

        You Must be Born Again, Jn 3:5 To See The Kingdom Of The Hebrew God Of Israel. When Jesus said Mark 7:27 Let The Children “First” be filled. Which means Jesus knew the Children of Israel would reject him.

        Jesus also said it is not meet to give the Children’s Bread to the “DOGS” Jesus is talking about the Woman’s Greek Spirit.

        We all Now Qualify, Through taking on the Spirit of Christ, Through Repenting, and being Baptized for the remission of sins.

        Stop ignorantly jumping in the Bible. Jesus is The Christ, The Son God, A GOD of Knowledge not Emotions

        He Thst had an ear, let him hear.

    • Victoria says :

      In Job Chapters 32 and 33 a young Elihu respectfully counsels Job. This Bible story is told for many reasons and one of them is that we should not be overly righteous. Flaunting material wealth was not a trademark of the apostles. The Bible warns of materialism, wealth and following a man as opposed to following God. We cannot make excuses while disregarding Bible knowledge.

      • The Rabbi says :

        AMEN, At Least Get Born Again Jn 3:5 So You Can SEE THE KINGDOM OF “THE HEBREW GOD OF ISRAEL”

  38. Deidra Meriel says :

    I’ve been saying this for awhile some of our pastor’s have fell us. Our neighborhood are looking bad with no jobs. Churches should keep the communties profitable not the churches.

    • The Rabbi says :

      In order to feel the pain of a Down Trotten Community, The Man who says God is talking to him, must be Born Again Jn 3:5. Let’s look at the Jewish communities throughout America. The synagogue where they worship, it’s not just a place to Fellowship , but they do business. The Jews were TAUGHT the benefits of taking care of each other, From The Torah!!!! The first five books of the Bible.

      The negro was never thought the True Teachings of Jesus. We were exploited and Oppressed to build America’s economy for the Slave Maste. The Slave Master never taught us how to live, “According To Jesus Teachings”

      The Movie, The Birth of a Nation explains what we were used for. To Serve, Servitude. Servants of Servants. I see the masses of people of color beginning to wake up. Playing Church days are over. The Black Baptist Church etc. Is based on emotions not the, Knowledge of Christ The Anointed Messiah.

      Keys to our Prosperity, WE MUST BE BORN AGAIN JN 3:5!!! When we take on the spirit of “The Hebrew God” Through The Teachings of His Son Jesus. Will we see Progress in the Ghettos of America.

  39. LJ says :

    Shocker😒😒😒😒the slavebook strikes again

  40. Jane Spruill says :

    I’m aware this Activity Going on a lot more than presented, These Minister’s have the Best of Clothing, Drive the Fanciest Car’s, and Who’s footing the Bill? Of course, We are, As much as I hate to Admit! I actually Stopped Attending a few Churches because I didn’t Agree with a lot of thing’s I Experienced, With Bishop’s, Deacon’s, Brother’s, Sister’s and the Behavior of It’s Member’s, After experience this Activity and Behavior’s, I Decided Not to Attend, I Still have my Love for God! Just go about Worsshipping him in my Own Way!

    • The Rabbi says :

      The entire world is waking up to men who are pretending to be serving the Most High aAnointed Son of God, In the Flesh. It is all a scam and a con game. People are beginning to seek the Knowledge of Christ the Wisdom of Christ, Vice the emotions of Christ. TO give A Natural Minded, not Born Again Preacher 10% of your earnings to take care of his personal business, and not “Build” The Kingdom HE’S LIE!!!!

      You shall know them by their fruits!!!!

  41. Lady Chandra Govan says :

    What profit a man to gain the whole world and loose his soul? You got to watch your enemies because they will use whatever tools necessary toward you for their own personal gain. Bishop Jakes is a man of God! He is anointed to preach and spread peace and love to God’s people. You can not beat or con people out of money. People choose to give because they life have been touched by the Holy Spirit that flows from Bishop Jakes mouth. When you is serving the Lord from your heart. He will bless and heal your land.

  42. Michael says :

    I’m very interested in finding out if this is actually true, or if this author is merely a false witness.

    TD Jakes is indeed teaching MUCH unbiblical teachings and borders on heresy in some cases. Yet I don’t serve as an anti-TDJakes minister. I serve as a minister of the Most High God who demands truth. Just because someone is speaking against the Lord does not give me or anyone else a right to lie about them in any way, shape, or form.

    This “article” is riddled with so many semantic mistakes, and there seems to be no links to proof of this to back up what he/she is saying. Yet…so many “Christians” will run with this article as though it were truth without ever checking it out.

    This, risks being tale-bearers and false witnesses. If this “freelance reporter” is saying anything at all except that which is 100% true, proven as such, then then this reporter is not only speaking a lie but is causing the readers to lie themselves. Therefore more sin is laid upon this author.

    Please include PROOF of what you say happened. Or else…do not say it happened at all. I know that goes against every “reporter” bone in your body, but if you have been saved by Jesus and therefore given the Holy Spirit, you need to be led by the Holy Spirit of God and not your own flesh/spirit/whatever else.

  43. Julie says :

    The correct spelling is SINCE not sense in that sentence structure!

  44. Bob says :

    Show me where the word Tithe appears in the New Testament. Show me where the word Storehouse appears in the Old Testament. Check on the word Gleanings, the corners of every field. “Tell those vipers” where the angry voice of Ezekiel first chapters stands with a whip, man to man.

    • HisGrace says :

      The word ‘storehouse’/’storehouses’ is mentioned at least 7 times in the Old Testament and the word ‘tithe’/’tithes’ is mentioned at least 7 times in th New Testament. I did a simple search. I’m not going to post all of the scriptures because anybody can do the same as me and find those words. Not sure what the point of that task, but there you go.

  45. Crystal says :

    I don’t think you people get it. The majority of times they are taking from the elders. Our elders are older confused and scared. Sometimes they give and end up starving month to month. Shame on these pastors my 98 yr aunt just donated 10 racks to her church just to feel like she belong somewhere. No longer can she attend and i have yet to see a visitor.

  46. Georgie says :

    Please stop the lies and the madness! Don’t try to make a difference instead be the difference. I wonder, did you investigate this storie with your eyes open or where they already fix .

  47. Melvin Swain says :

    I is not true maybe to someone that does believe in God. Bishop TD Jakes is good spiritual leader for all this is the devil trying to pull him down and he is not know as “king Pimp” I blind that in blood of Jesus. Rememberi we a person speaks out on true servant of God they bring a curse on themselve, so keep put this trash out here .

  48. Maxine Rogers says :

    Does he build housing for the poor?

  49. joey says :


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