Playboy Pastor Bishop Noel Jones Adds Aspiring Singer Glynis LeFlore To His Harem

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By: Freelance Reporter Joan Ross, Posted June 30, 2014 at 4:03 pm US/Central Email:

Los Angeles–The promiscuous lifestyle of Bishop Noel Jones is no secret to members of the gospel community.

Jones has been described as an alcoholic, womanizer, manipulator and even bi-polar at times. His womanizing is so overt and pimpish to the point where he’s dated multiple women at one time, and parades them around with him to public events without any compunction whatsoever.

noel jones in black velvet and dark sunglasses

Bishop Jones has been seen at strip clubs on more than one occasion, and has had affairs with actress Lisa Raye and  reality TV stars NeNe Leakes.  He’s added to his unscrupulous reputation by impregnating X Factor contestant Stacy Francis while she was married, which resulted in a baby girl being born out of wedlock.  

Noel tried to downplay the rumors until Stacy publicly admitted that he was indeed her baby’s daddy.

Despite Noel’s overt approach to gospel pimping, there’s at least one less-than-famous member of his harem, who’s managed to stay out of the public spotlight.

Glynis LeFlore is an aspiring singer from New Orleans, who is now living in Los Angeles.  According to reliable sources at the City Of Refuge Church, Noel and Glynis have been romantically involved for quite sometime.

One female member of the church’s security staff stated that he’s been operating as her “sugar daddy” and showering her with lavish gifts.

Glynis drives a Mercedes Benz, dresses impeccable, and rocks expensive jewelry, all believed to be financed by Noel.  It’s also believed that the Preachers Of L.A. star is funding her trips to London, England for months at a time.
One source described Glynis as a “gospel gold digger.”  She has also frequented Los Angeles Clippers basketball games and even performed at one of the team’s functions.

At some point, femme fatales like Glynis will wake up and realize that sacrificing their bodies for material, puts them as low as a prostitute–it doesn’t matter if the trick is Bishop Noel Jones.   And equally, gospel pimps like Bishop Jones will take a page from Chris Brown’s book and realize that these gospel hoes ain’t loyal. – 30 –

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9 responses to “Playboy Pastor Bishop Noel Jones Adds Aspiring Singer Glynis LeFlore To His Harem”

  1. Dansmart says :

    I don’t Believe dis is true…Basically Because I choose not to believe…I will keep praying for Bishop Noel Jones..He has really touched lives by God’s grace on Him and I know one thing for sure..The God Of all Grace would Keep him from falling and deliver him by all means..Bishop T.D Jakes said “We have d tendency 2 want d other person 2 be a finished product while we give ourselves d chance 2 evolve”..Bishop Noel is a great man with a weak flesh like every one of us…my prayer is God would cause Him 2 dominate his flesh…I love U Bishop..Don’t give up on God.

  2. Rose Marie Barnes says :


  3. Tammy Adams says :

    Bishop Jones I am praying for you

  4. Sonia says :

    This is a disgrace to our God and the vessel that is chosen to lead people to God should do some soul searching. Be careful what is put out there to the nonbeliver. I pray for God’s mercy and grace on this issue.

  5. vickey cooper says :

    What’s done in the dark will come to the light.he is just a wolf in sheep clothing

  6. Sharron says :

    We Must Remember That We Are All Bones Wrap In Flesh,and with that said meaning that we are All Inperfect beings.God Will deal with us individually and accordingly just as he did in ancient time.God is omnipotent (All Knowing ,As Well As All Present).Nothing surprises God Nor Catches him Off Guard.He is Alpha and Omega(beginning and end).Our Sins(Yours and Mine).Is the whole reason Jesus came and sacrifice His very Life In place of us.No Man!! Took His Life,Jesus Layed It down for us, for our sins and sinful nature.He is our Savior and Now Sits on The Right Hand side of The Father(God)Making intercession For us.We need To Sincerely Pray and Cry out To God For One Another instead of globing and finding fault in one another failures.The Truth Be Told,No One Is Exempt From The Wiles(cunning and schemes) Of Satan the Devil.Therefore we Have All Fallen Short Of The Glory Of God.We Must Remember That We Are Only Vessels(tools) used of God,and he will use whosoever ,whatsoever to accomplish His Will, and purpose for our lives.It is So Important Not to look to the left or right But @ All Times Keep Ur Eyes On God and Christ Jesus Only.Just Know That We All Have A Test To Pass.God right Now in the Name Of Jesus We as A Nation Repent Unto You For Our Evil Thoughts and Ways.God these are yours servants whom you have appointed and anointed and at times God we get off track with you.But Thank you so much God For new grace and mercy that you give to us daily.Lord Help Us All To Do What Is Pleasing. And Acceptable In Your Sight And When we fail you God Please Convict our hearts and minds bringing us to true repentance Not letting us get comfortable in our mess.Thank you God For your real example Of True Love In Jesus Name I Pray Amen…

  7. BJ says :

    Why is that in the Christian Community and in the Government, people are so eager to defend wrong. Wrong is wrong regardless of who you are and who you are not. But God sees and knows all and that’s the bottom line.

  8. Sonnygirl says :

    Jesus is still the VICTOR and the BEST IS STILL YET TO COME! WE WIN WHO LOVE AND LIVE FOR HIM!!!!!! AMEN AND HALLELUJAH! You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet!!!!!! God goes to great lengths to save HIS PEOPLE!!!!

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