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Gwen Thomas Is One Of The Biggest Crooks In The Public Relations Business

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By: Freelance Reporter Joan Ross, Posted June 24, 2014 at 4:03 pm US/Central Email:

Washington D.C. — Underneath her plastic smile, Gwen Thomas of Gwen Thomas PR is nothing more than an overrated, crook.  For over 29-years, this smooth-talking charlatan ,has mastered the art of fleecing companies out of serious money..

According to several erstwhile clients and business associates, she passes herself off as a God-fearing marketing executive, who represents the best interest of her clients, while furtively and opportunistically preying on their eagerness to establish their brand.

Tina Wyatt-Hammond is a former employee of Gwen Thomas, who also worked for several of her clients. Hammond described Gwen as a “Hot mess.”   “She paid me late several times and was not fair on a lot of things. That girl made me unhappy for many years.” added Hammond.

When Gwen Thomas is not being a slut and trying to take another woman’s husband, she’s engrossed in meetings with company executives, trying to dupe them out of marketing money with half-ass service..

Her approach to business is more compatible with the Don King school of subterfuge. According to reliable sources, Gwen will lie and cheat to make that extra buck.

Gwen Thomas PR represents everything that is wrong with the industry. If you are a company looking to build your brand, you should avoid doing business with Gwen Thomas PR at all cost.

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