Rhonda “Sweeti” Jackson Is One Of The Biggest Sluts In The Bay Area

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By: Freelance Reporter Joan Ross, Posted July 24, 2014 at 4:03 pm US/Central Email: joanross28@yahoo.com

San Francisco — Recently, a highly respected business associate of mine from San Francisco told me and my husband about a woman he met at a function, who seemed to be a very nice young lady.. Her name is Rhonda Jackson, and she goes by the nickname of “Sweeti.” I also looked her up on facebook, and she goes by the name of “Iam Sweeti”

He said she passed herself off as a business-minded person with a positive outlook on life, but he later found out that she was one of the biggest sluts in the entire Bay Area.

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He said several of his San Francisco  buddies shared stories about their sexual experiences with her and he was quite embarrassed to say the least.

They told him that Rhonda was nothing more than a gold-digger, who will quickly try to get you in bed if you appear to be a man of means.

He also learned that she has a penchant for pushing up on other women’s husbands, and is quite blatant with her approached.

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Her goal is to  get you pussy-whipped so she can gain total access to your bank account.    The running joke is that “she never met a dick she didn’t like.”

One of her business acquaintances, Yolanda Bradshaw said she just as shady in her business practices., .”I received some weird emails from her a few months back that upset me because she kept trying to get me to go to a meeting and would not tell me what it was about.” said Bradshaw.

Angela “Cleo’ Smith is another business associate, who says Sweeti  lacks innovation, and is always copying her business ideas.

It’s women like Rhonda that makes it bad for the honest and sincere women who desire a good man in their life.

If you are an upstanding gentleman in the bay area, who have zero tolerance for goal-digging sluts, you should avoid Rhondaa “Sweeti” Jackson at all cost.

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