So-called Radio Host Harold Davis Is A Ranking Chicago Gang Member And Drug Dealer

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By: Freelance Reporter Joan Ross, Posted December 12, 2012 at 4:03 pm US/Central Email:

Chicago — Harold Davis is a self-proclaimed Chicago activist and host of a bootleg radio talk show called the “Booty Butt Naked Truth” with a penchant for defaming the honorable Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr. and his family.

Davis has personally attacked Rev. Jackson over the years by staging mock funerals with an image of Jackson in a casket, paying homeless men to protest in front of the Rainbow/Push headquarters, and even implying threats on Jackson’s life by disrupting one of Push’s Saturday Forms yelling “Jesse, get your hands out of my pocket”—words that were strategically used to assassinate the late Malcolm X.

Davis’s jealousy of the Jackson family reached a new low when he told his radio listening audience that he obtained pictures of Jackson’s youngest daughter Jackie having sex with a dog. The lie was also perpetuated by several of Davis’s co-host including Boyse Edwards (a closet homosexual) and Kamla Ronan, a married woman who’s secretly having an affair with Davis. The show also consist of Rev. Al Sampson, a jackleg preacher with a widespread reputation as a whore-monger. On a recent show, one caller questioned Sampson about a 50-year-old lie he’s been telling for years, claiming that he was ordained by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The inquiry caught Sampson off guard and caused him to become quite agitated, he offered no proof whatsoever.

Sampson is not the only subversive preacher that Davis gravitates to. As of late, Davis has been advocating everyday on behalf of convicted child molester Rev. Paul Hall, a non-registered sex-offender, who was found guilty of molesting two young boys in the 80s. Davis has been the biggest detractor of R. Kelly and Mel Reynolds for violating children, and yet he’s defending Paul Hall on the radio everyday with comments like “I don’t have no heaven or hell to put him in”. Perhaps for the right price and a few perks, Reynolds and Kelly can get Davis to have a sudden change of heart and defend them as well.

The blatant disrespect on the part of Harold Davis prompted us to do a little research on him, which led to several startling discoveries. We learned that Davis is a former ranking member of a notorious and deadly Chicago street gang called the “Vice Lords”–formerly headed by known gangster Willie Lloyd. Several years ago, Davis played a major role in hiding Lloyd at an undisclosed location in Michigan after an assassination attempted was carried out on Lloyd’s life in 2003. In fact, it’s believed that Davis used proceeds from the Vice Lord’s drug money to fund various business ventures such as vending machines, book stores, limousine service and a blueberry farm in Michigan.

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Davis’s jealousy and contempt is not limited to Rev. Jackson. He has also attacked renowned Chicago mega-pastor James T. Meeks and his Protege pastor Corey Brooks, who are two reputable pillars in the community with an impeccable track record for helping people.

In 2002, Davis was paid by the late Dolton, Illinois mayor and Illinois State Senator William “Bill” Shaw to protest the pastor Meeks in front of his church of all places. Despite all the trickery on the part of Shaw via Davis, Meeks beat Shaw by a landslide.

Unlike in the past, pastor and leaders are starting to fight back and give Davis a dose of his own medicine by ascertaining pertinent information about him and exposing him for the hypocrite that he is. Davis has shown that he can dish it out but it’ll be interesting to see if he can take it.

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