LAPD Launch Investigation Into The Suspicious Death Of Gospel Singer Tisa Willis

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By: Freelance Reporter Joan Ross, Posted May 21, 2015 at 1:7 pm US/Central Email:

Los Angeles–Detective Robert Lait, who heads the South Criminal Gang/Homicide Unit for the LAPD, affirmed that they are investigating the death of gospel singer Tisa Willis and treating it as a “homicide investigation.”

Without divulging any specifics about the case, Detective Lait conveyed that they have been talking to witnesses and gathering evidence since Tuesday afternoon, and feel strongly about the case they are building..

Tisa Willis is a reputable gospel artist, best known for her lead vocals on Kurt Carr’s classic song “I Almost Let Go.”  Tisa died early Tuesday morning at her home while under the watch of her caregiver Clifford Lee Fuller.

Fuller, a convicted felon with an extensive criminal background, moved into the gospel singer’s home a few months prior to her death and somehow managed to become her power of attorney without ever notifying the family.  He also changed the locks on the doors shortly after moving in, and refused to allow family and close friends to visit or speak with Tisa.

Family members say Tisa would never refuse to see any of her family members without being under some form of duress.

The family became even more incredulous when Fuller proceeded to plan the funeral without any input from the family.  “Clifford made the arrangements to cremate my aunt (without viewing) and to have a memorial service.” said Tisa’s niece Crystal Dickens on Tisa’s Facebook page.

Individuals close to Tisa made it known on more than one occasion that she did not believe in cremation. The family suspected foul play all along.

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