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Receptionist Say Church Members Are ‘Suspicious’ Of Teen Drowning At Pastor Steve Munsey’s Home

By:Freelance Reporter Joan Ross, Posted June 19, 2015 at 1:17 pm US/Central Email:

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SCHERERVILLE, IND–A receptionist  tells Scandal Media that some church members are a little “suspicious” about some of the circumstances surrounding the black female teen found floating facedown in a pool at the home of Family Christian Center’s Mega Pastor Steve Munsey.

Anna Barraza is a receptionist at Family Christian Center, who’s been a member since 2000.  She has been married for 35 years with 3 grown children of her own.   Barraza says some church members have expressed serious concerns about Pastor Munsey’s personal relationship with the drowning victim that went well beyond pastor and member.

Domonique “Nikki” Smith, an 18-year-old, Valparaiso University student from Lakes of the Four Seasons.,was pronounced dead at 12:53 p.m. Monday at Franciscan St. Margaret Health hospital in Dyer, according to a news release issued early Tuesday by the Lake County coroner’s office.

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The drowning took place at 1421 Wilderness Drive in Schererville. at the Munsey’s home in the gated Briar Ridge subdivision. Smith died Monday at the hospital after being on life support for several days, police said.

Schererville police were called to the home at 3:02 p.m. Friday for a report of a possible drowning, Cmdr. Brian Neyhart said in a news release issued Tuesday.

A person identified as the homeowner told police Smith had been baby-sitting children at the home, and one of the children told the homeowner Smith was found face down in the pool, the release stated.

A neighbor helped remove Smith from the pool and she was taken to Franciscan St. Margaret Health in Dyer by Schererville paramedics.

“There is no foul play (suspected) at this time and it appears the drowning was accidental,” Neyhart said.

Roy Dominguez, an attorney and spokesman for the Munsey family and Family Christian Center, issued a statement Tuesday afternoon.

“The entire Munsey family and the members of the Family Christian Center church are saddened by this tragic, accidental drowning and have expressed their condolences and prayers to the family,” he said.

The family is reserving further comment out of respect for the privacy of the Smith family, he said.

Nicole Niemi, spokeswoman for Valparaiso University, confirmed Smith was a commuter student there. A LinkedIn page for Smith said she was a business management student who just completed her freshman year and worked in the university’s food services department.

“My ultimate goal is to open up my own chain of restaurants that cater to all people trying to eat healthy and enjoy tasty foods,” Smith’s LinkedIn profile reads. “I also am planning on going to culinary school to become a chef.”

Friends said Smith was a 2014 graduate of Merrillville High School who went by the first name of “Toni.”

Mike Reinhart, director of Ross Music Theater, worked with Smith in summer theater production and musicals at Merrillville High School over the last four years.

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“She had a lot of smaller parts, but she never complained about that,” Reinhart said. “She always had a smile on her face.”

Reinhart said Smith was able to show off her dancing skills in a recent tap dancing number in “Spamalot.”

“Anytime anyone ever felt bad, she was the first to go and try to cheer them up and say, ‘Oh, you look like you need a hug,'” Reinhart said.

Reinhart’s wife, Melinda, had Smith as a music and choral student at Merrillville High School. Mike Reinhart said Smith was “very smart, a straight A or A-B student.”

Mike Reinhart said Smith initially was interested in studying law at VU but changed her major to help her fulfill her dream of opening her own restaurant.

He said Smith recently started attending services at Family Christian Center.

“This investigation is far from over and are looking into some very pertinent leads” said Officer Raul Otano of the Schererville Police Department.

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Hypocrite, Dr Umar Johnson lose $1 Million Donation From NBA Star After Stripper Leaks Sex Messages

By:Freelance Reporter Joan Ross, Posted June 18, 2015 at 1:17 pm US/Central Email:

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Another so-called “black leader”, who travel all over the country preaching “black power” has fallen on his own sword and is being exposed for the money oriented hypocrite that he is.

A well-known black psychologist and activist by the name  Dr Umar Johnson has been caught in the middle of a big sex scandal involving a scorned exotic dancer, who goes by the name of “The Conscious Stripper.”

Her real name is Khym Ringgold and she’s rightfully wrecking havoc on Dr Johnson and his reputation by posting sexually explicit text messages between the two of them on the internet.

This all comes after Johnson (who passes himself off as a poster child for uprightness and morality) appeared on the Roland Martin Show and stated that he is “celibate.”  Soon thereafter, Ranggold unleashed her barrage of damaging text messages, contradicting Johnson’s comment.

In a desperate attempt to salvage his reputation, Dr. Johnson wrote the following on his facebook page:

“By now many of you may have heard about the female who is on a campaign to not only assassinate my character, but destroy my life’s work, which is to help our people, by specifically helping our children. I met this woman at the Garvey Day celebration in Ft Lauderdale(FL) 8.17.14. I was never in her presence until 3.27, 3.31 & 4.10.

I didn’t know she was from Philadelphia but a few months ago she contacted me and said she had moved back. Whether she returned to Philly to entrap me or for some other reason I cannot say for sure. These were the only dates that I was alone with this maggot in my life (3.27,3.31,4.10). We met at the same center city philly hotel, 100 N. columbus blvd; and each of the three encounters was after midnite. We never went on a date, and we never “dated” as she claims. We saw each other on 3 separate midnights, nothing more or less. Some of those texts are real while others have been fabricated.

I didn’t know that she was a dancer upfront, that’s something she confessed later, during this 2 week “escapade.”  She talked about her struggles of being a single mom, with an incarcerated son, only recently obtaining her GED, and about her other 2 sons.

The only reason I’m divulging this information is because a supporter of mine, who supports my FDMG campaign, who has been working tirelessly to bring my work to the attention of their NBA superstar’s cousin, and had finally made inroads.

This superstar’s charity was scheduled to meet and discuss my FDMG campaign this week, the donation amount, as I was informed directly from a board member was to be $1,000,000. This one million dollars would’ve allowed us to either acquire the Christian college in the south, or with the fundraiser donations already in hand, put us extremely close to matching the $2,000,000 pricetag on St.Paul’s (if the gov’t didn’t buy it first).

However, it all crumbled on Wednesday while I was in DC. As I was preparing to begin my workshop with the juveniles and their parents, the email I was waiting for from the NBA superstar’s charity board member came through and said, “I was planning on giving him the OK to support you in the amount of one million dollars. However, i went online to do some research on you and saw that you were in the center of a scandal involving a stripper. He cannot be associated with that type of drama and regrettably we cannot go forward with the donation.”

My heart dropped, and my stomach curled, I don’t know how I managed to get out that chair to offer my workshop. I don’t think I’ve ever felt a pain in my stomach like that before. We had the money in our hands, but my careless association with a tramp, disguised as a Queen, may have cost me my dream. But she’s still not done, multiple videos, multiple false tweets & instagrams have now left me no choice but to take care of this situation myself, after all it’s my fault.”

This statement by Dr. Johnson speaks volumes as to his inability to take responsibility and recognize his own faults as opposed to trying to blame the stripper.  He clearly put himself in that position by being the whore-monger that he is and yet have the audacity to deflect blame.

You would think phonies like Johnson would’ve learned from the Jesse Jackson “Love Child’ scandal years ago.  This young lady has a legitimate gripe and should be commended for exposing Johnson before he got the school up and running and impacted our black boys lives.