Hypocrite, Dr Umar Johnson lose $1 Million Donation From NBA Star After Stripper Leaks Sex Messages

By:Freelance Reporter Joan Ross, Posted June 18, 2015 at 1:17 pm US/Central Email: joanross28@yahoo.com

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Another so-called “black leader”, who travel all over the country preaching “black power” has fallen on his own sword and is being exposed for the money oriented hypocrite that he is.

A well-known black psychologist and activist by the name  Dr Umar Johnson has been caught in the middle of a big sex scandal involving a scorned exotic dancer, who goes by the name of “The Conscious Stripper.”

Her real name is Khym Ringgold and she’s rightfully wrecking havoc on Dr Johnson and his reputation by posting sexually explicit text messages between the two of them on the internet.

This all comes after Johnson (who passes himself off as a poster child for uprightness and morality) appeared on the Roland Martin Show and stated that he is “celibate.”  Soon thereafter, Ranggold unleashed her barrage of damaging text messages, contradicting Johnson’s comment.

In a desperate attempt to salvage his reputation, Dr. Johnson wrote the following on his facebook page:

“By now many of you may have heard about the female who is on a campaign to not only assassinate my character, but destroy my life’s work, which is to help our people, by specifically helping our children. I met this woman at the Garvey Day celebration in Ft Lauderdale(FL) 8.17.14. I was never in her presence until 3.27, 3.31 & 4.10.

I didn’t know she was from Philadelphia but a few months ago she contacted me and said she had moved back. Whether she returned to Philly to entrap me or for some other reason I cannot say for sure. These were the only dates that I was alone with this maggot in my life (3.27,3.31,4.10). We met at the same center city philly hotel, 100 N. columbus blvd; and each of the three encounters was after midnite. We never went on a date, and we never “dated” as she claims. We saw each other on 3 separate midnights, nothing more or less. Some of those texts are real while others have been fabricated.

I didn’t know that she was a dancer upfront, that’s something she confessed later, during this 2 week “escapade.”  She talked about her struggles of being a single mom, with an incarcerated son, only recently obtaining her GED, and about her other 2 sons.

The only reason I’m divulging this information is because a supporter of mine, who supports my FDMG campaign, who has been working tirelessly to bring my work to the attention of their NBA superstar’s cousin, and had finally made inroads.

This superstar’s charity was scheduled to meet and discuss my FDMG campaign this week, the donation amount, as I was informed directly from a board member was to be $1,000,000. This one million dollars would’ve allowed us to either acquire the Christian college in the south, or with the fundraiser donations already in hand, put us extremely close to matching the $2,000,000 pricetag on St.Paul’s (if the gov’t didn’t buy it first).

However, it all crumbled on Wednesday while I was in DC. As I was preparing to begin my workshop with the juveniles and their parents, the email I was waiting for from the NBA superstar’s charity board member came through and said, “I was planning on giving him the OK to support you in the amount of one million dollars. However, i went online to do some research on you and saw that you were in the center of a scandal involving a stripper. He cannot be associated with that type of drama and regrettably we cannot go forward with the donation.”

My heart dropped, and my stomach curled, I don’t know how I managed to get out that chair to offer my workshop. I don’t think I’ve ever felt a pain in my stomach like that before. We had the money in our hands, but my careless association with a tramp, disguised as a Queen, may have cost me my dream. But she’s still not done, multiple videos, multiple false tweets & instagrams have now left me no choice but to take care of this situation myself, after all it’s my fault.”

This statement by Dr. Johnson speaks volumes as to his inability to take responsibility and recognize his own faults as opposed to trying to blame the stripper.  He clearly put himself in that position by being the whore-monger that he is and yet have the audacity to deflect blame.

You would think phonies like Johnson would’ve learned from the Jesse Jackson “Love Child’ scandal years ago.  This young lady has a legitimate gripe and should be commended for exposing Johnson before he got the school up and running and impacted our black boys lives.


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11 responses to “Hypocrite, Dr Umar Johnson lose $1 Million Donation From NBA Star After Stripper Leaks Sex Messages”

  1. Anfra says :

    I really hate to see this type of viciousness among our Black people. As an African-American woman, and one who believes in women’s rights wholeheartedly, I also believe that we should not air our dirty-laundry in public. While Mr. Johnson may have had sexual encounters with this beautiful young lady, there was absolutely no reason for her to go public with this information even if he stated he was celibate. The sex between them was consensual and not for public ridicule or scandal. No-one wins in these types of situations and scandals. The real losers are the young-men and women that Mr. Johnson is trying to help. None of us are perfect no matter who we are and what our purpose is in life. We are only as strong as our greatest weakness and sex in general is the greatest weakness known to man.

    Our black men who are truly trying to be leaders in our communities since the beginning of time are under attack. They have to fight off the white man, fight the daily temptations of sex because power attracts “pussy” unfortunately. And as the old saying goes, “the downfall of every powerful man is a woman.”

    Mr. Johnson is doing great work in our community, and we have to remember that like us he is still human, flawed, frail and has weakness which makes him a man. That does not mean that his works and purpose in life are not valuable and needed in our community. Let’s try to uplift each other and not tear each other down with rumors, lies, scandals even if there’s some truth to them. We have to stay focused on the positive and the forward movement of our communities and not allow pettiness to destroy someone’s purpose in life.

    • Gerry says :

      I totally agree with everything you posted. Great point. People feel because of a scandal such as this one that he’s not committed to the fight against a racist educational structure. We’re forgetting to separate the private life from the public life which is obviously what the women forgot to do. I feel that whatever he does behind closed doors is his business and it’s not for her to expose him for not being celibate. What was the point?

  2. Gerry says :

    Although I highly respect Dr. Johnson and the work he’s put in to bring about his vision for our black youth, I’m sorry you can’t go on a show and publicly declare you’re celibate and get upset when someone exposes what the truth really is. Now, as for the woman who he was involved with, why did she feel the need to expose Dr. Johnson? To say that he’s not the person he says he is? Whatever the motivation was for her to expose this brother, that doesn’t take away from his efforts in bringing about change in educating our black youth. Does the civil rights movement led by Dr. King have less meaning because he messed around on his wife? Absolutely not. Peace.

  3. Kay says :

    Everybody saying he’s blaming the chic..its really not true he blamed himeself. Look at his statement he admit..it’s his own fault… I commend him. More power to him…. I respect him….he has more to lose than she does,, Come on she’s a fu–ing stripper for god sake……..

  4. Qu'ran says :

    So one is not considered celibate just because of sexual text messages? HUH!? Since when did sexual text messages equate to actual SEX????

    Someone, anyone, break that down for me please…. Thanks in advance…

    P.S. This seems like a drummed up story in an attempt to tarnish Dr. Johnson’s character. He did not have sex with her so he’s not a hypocrite nor is he bogus for sending explicit text messages to a woman that was more than willing to receive and respond to them.

  5. Qu'ran says :



    • STEPHANIE says :


  6. omega Brown says :

    Brother keep doing your work keep on keeping on

  7. Kaitlin Gilmere says :

    How dare you insult this man whether or not he met this women fucked her or w/e he is still a leader a scholar and a king please keep in mind that he is a man first and more importantly a human in which mistakes are made . Don’t ever try to discredit him or his work . We still love Dr. Umar
    This article is garbage PERIOD !!

  8. Louis McCollum says :

    When you talk to the Devil after midnight you gone get some satanic results in the daytime. My momma always said what you do in the dark always come to the light. Now for This Conscious Ass Stripper who tapes phone calls unless it’s for blackmailing a person or to do something evil. I know for a fact a stripper live off tips some ones fives and a few tens an twenties. Now when the fifties and hundreds come out all that conscious shit goes out the window miss mr with this bullshit.

  9. Lala says :

    Omg…. leave this brother alone…. he can date if he wants to okay he’s not a priest… real people see what’s going on, and we’re not falling for none of it…. if he said he’s refraining from sex he can change his mind…. Stop it… we know what jealousy look like… thank you Bro. Doctor Umar Johnson, for putting your life on the line for those who care and those who don’t care… thank you❤

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