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Secret Phone Recording Reveal Fake Prophetess Seabringna Landfair-McCant Threatening The Life Of Betty Horton

By: Freelance Reporter Joan Ross, Posted JAugust 25, 2016 at 4:03 pm US/Central Email:

ATLANTA–Earlier today, Scandal Media published an article exposing the subversion and hypocrisy of so-called Prophetess Seabringna Landfair-McCant.

The article meticulously pointed out all the evil deeds on the part of this phony pastor, among other things, how she went on a rant and threatened the life of her former house guest Betty Horton.

After receiving the article via her facebook inbox, Seabringna posted a damage control video, categorically denying all of the article’s content–suggesting that it was  merely an attempt on our part to defame her ministry and good name.  She repeatedly assured all of her followers that she was telling the truth.

On the day Betty Horton was leaving her home, Seabringna went on an emphatic rant, saying she was a mason and that she would have Betty killed.  Seabringna had no idea that Betty was secretly recording her via her cell phone, which is legal in the state of Georgia.  Her voice is as clear as day and will be submitted to the Duluth, Georgia Police as well as posted on Youtube.

This earth-shattering, iron-clad evidence debunks all of the jargon Seabringna stated in her video and exposes the dark and treacherous side of this lying hypocrite.

God works in mysterious ways when he decides to pull the cover off of  false prophets and  expose them before the entire world.  You will hear the entire rant for yourself in the not-so-distant future.  Stay tuned.


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So-Called “Prophetess” Seabringna Landfair-McCants “Anointed Musicians” Company is Nothing But A Big Scam

By: Freelance Reporter Joan Ross, Posted JAugust 25, 2016 at 4:03 pm US/Central Email:

ATLANTA For years,  this so-called prophetess Seabringna Landfair-McCanst, who is the pastor of Voice of Living Water International Ministries,  has mastered the art of fleecing church musicians and pastors from all over the country out of serious money.  Underneath all the hype and pompous videos on her Facebook page, Seabringna Landfair-McCant has proven herself to be nothing more than a charlatan, who steals money from churches and musicians alike.

According to several current and erstwhile clients, Seabringna passes herself off as a God-fearing pastor, who represents the best interest of her clients, while furtively and opportunistically preying on their eagerness to enhance their entity.

Her company Anointed Musicians outrageous fees can range up to one hundred dollars a month, and consist of a bunch of lies.

Her greed is quite salient. She overstocks her clients, and outsources them to church entities–all for the sake of gobbling up as much money as she possibly can, with no real regard for quality service.

Despite all of the rhetoric about her love and devotion to Jesus, her approach to business is more compatible with the Don King school of subterfuge. According to a reputable musician, Seabringna Landfair-McCant has even attempted to blackball several of her past clients due to past discrepancies.

Scandal Media has also learned that Seabringna Landfair-McCants and her husband Jonathan lived together and fornicated for years without being married, before finally getting married two months ago.

This demonic couple has also swindled money from a former house guest and then had her kicked out of their apartment without ever returning the balance of her money.  The amount was well over one thousand dollars.

Seabringna Landfair McCants was so demonic, she told the house guest that she was a “Mason” who can “have her killed.”  This is the type of demonic false prophetess we are dealing with.

Seabringna has her clients thinking that she’s a reputable pastor, who is good friends with Prophetess Juanita Bynum.  Scandal Media contacted Prophetess Bynum last week and asked her did she know or associate with Seabringna Landfair-McCant and her answer was a resounding “No.’

Seabringna Landfair-McCants lying didn’t stop there. She also have clients thinking that she operate their business out of a plush office building in downtown Atlanta, when in fact, they operate out of a three-bedroom apartment Duluth, Georgia.

Seabringna Landfair-McCants’s church Voice of Living Water International Ministries does not have one member in the audience. So despite her scandalous practices, even gullible church people are not stupid enough to attend her church.

If you are a musician or a pastor, stay away from this devil at all cost.

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