Gospel Singer Deleon Richards-Sheffield Lied About Sex Tape Scandal

Court documents show that Deleon Richards-Sheffield lied and covered up evidence the sent an innocent man to prison.

By: Investigative Reporter Peter Steinberg, Posted Jan 8, 2008 at 4:03 pm US/Central

Chicago – After the release of her latest CD entitled “Here In Me”–her first since being named as one of the subjects in the sex-tape scandal that  sent shock waves across the world–the 30-year-old wife of baseball  slugger Gary Sheffield lied about her complicity in a high-level cover-up  as well as her actual involvement with the embattled R&B superstar R.  Kelly.

In November, 2004, Derrick Mosley, a prominent Chicago activist was accused of attempting to extort Deleon and her husband Gary for $20.000, regarding a sex tape depicting her and Kelly engaged in sex acts with another woman.

The news was promulgated across media airwaves like an out of control wild fire. Significantly enough, Deleon’s camp told the media that her sexual involvement with Kelly emanated 10 years earlier—implying that she was circa 18-years-old. Moreover, they also stated that they were not sure any tape existed; categorically denying any participation in a ménage a’ trios (threesome). In a desperate attempt to salvage her reputation, Deleon released a written statement, via her web-site.

The following is Deleon’s written statement in pertinent part: “I apologize for any of the things you have seen or heard in the media. The first thing I would like to say, I have never been involved in any acts concerning 3 people in my entire life nor would I ever! Unfortunately, in our efforts to bring an extortionist to justice, we became the focus. We have always believed that truth stands and still believes it does.”

Deleon’s self-righteous plea culminated when she stated emphatically, “I have never used drugs! I never drank alcohol nor have ever smoked! My only mistake, when I was a teenager.”

 In her expatiated statement, Deleon managed to eschew vital information, which would have given the public more insight and veracity as to her ordeal and what it actually entailed. Instead, Deleon—under the auspices of decadent individuals in positions of power—had only one objective in mind, which was to camouflage her true character at all cost and hold steadfast to the machination to throw Mosley under the bus. According to FBI documents, in April, 2002, Deleon’s mother, Debbie Richards received a telephone call at her home in North Chicago , Illinois , from a male caller with a Spanish accent.

The unknown male caller told Richards that he had the only tapes of Deleon and R. Kelly involved in a ménage a’ trios (threesome). After receiving the call, Richards telephoned Deleon and told her about the call she had received. Deleon confirmed the sexual relationship with Kelly and expressed her concerns about her husband Gary Sheffield finding out given their prenuptial agreement.

In early August, 2002, Deleon was interviewed by special agent Joseph Fonseca of the FBI at her residence in Atlanta , Georgia. Deleon told the agents that over the last several weeks, she was being extorted by several unknown males with Spanish accents regarding a tape depicting her having sex with recording artist R. Kelly. Deleon specifically advised the agent that she did have a sexual relationship with Kelly when she was in high school and for a time period after high school. Deleon added that she did not realize Kelly was video taping their sexual encounters.

On August 14, 2002, Deleon was again interviewed by the FBI agent, this time for the purpose of reviewing the taped conversations between Deleon and the unknown male. A review of the taped conversation reflects the following: The male caller advised that the tapes had been copied and a copy of the tape had been shown to a friend of Deleon’s.

The male caller stated that he had shown the tape to that friend in Los Angeles . The male caller clarified that he believes the $2 million as king price was more than fair. He then warned Deleon that the ‘Man Cow” radio show in Chicago was interested in seeing the tapes.

In May, 2002, Marvette Britton, Gary Sheffield’s publicist, heard from a friend of Gary ’s child’s mother who also indicated that the video tapes existed. Britton then telephoned Deleon to inform her. Shortly thereafter, Britton telephoned Regina Daniels, R. Kelly’s publicist, to inquire about the tapes. Daniels said that she knew nothing about the tapes.

In July 2002, Deleon received a series of voice mail messages from Kym Whitley; a well known comedienne/actress who at the time hosted a cable talk show entitled “Oh Drama”, on Black Entertainment Television (BET). Deleon stated that they attended the same church in Los Angeles .The following is a summary of the messages:

7-12-2002: Whitley left a message for Deleon informing her that       someone was trying to blackmail her. Whitley stated that the caller  offered her a copy of the tape of Deleon having sex with Kelly. Whitley  stated that she knew the people who had the tapes, and indicated they  were ” Chicago gangsters. “Whitley left her cell phone number as well  as her home number and urged Deleon to call her as soon as possible.

7-15-2002: Whitley left another message for Deleon stating emphatically that “they “called her again; they had four video tapes, and would give them all to her. Whitley stated that she knew the people were in Los Angeles.

7-15-2002: Whitley left another message advising that she received a page from the guys in Chicago , who said that tomorrow was the last day.. She insisted that Deleon call her to let her know what to do; whether she wanted to discuss it or pay the people for the tapes. Kym Whitley’s involvement didn’t stop there. Whitley solidified her complicity when she finally spoke directly to Deleon by phone on July 17, 2002. She told Deleon that the situation was “getting big”, and that she was contacted by additional people who she did not know. Whitley suggested that Deleon not deal directly with the people, but deal through someone else.

Whitley told Deleon that they wanted her (Whitley) to act as the go-between. Whitley told Deleon that they wanted $2 million for the tapes. Whitley informed Deleon that “they” showed her the tapes “digitally.” Whitley described what she saw in the tapes in the following manner: Deleon, Kelly, and another black woman were in a room with blue on the bed and white walls. Deleon was wearing a negligee possibly made of silk. Whitley said there was a lot of screaming and cursing and strange “role playing.” Whitley described Deleon’s appearance in the video as having short hair, and looking very young and under age.

Whitley stated that the other woman in the video performed oral sex on Deleon while Kelly sat in a chair masturbating. Whitley then pointed out that in another video; Deleon looked much older wearing what appeared to be her engagement ring on her finger indicating she was engaged to Gary at the time. Whitley stated that Deleon performed oral sex on Kelly for about 20 minutes.. Then, according to Whitley, Kelly performed oral sex on Deleon’s anal area.

On July 7, 2003, while in New York City performing in a play called “Things That Lovers Do”, Whitley was contacted by special agent Cameron Malin of the FBI. Whitley initially thought that a friend was playing a prank on her. After realizing that it was not a prank, Whitley stated emphatically, “I was just trying to help out in that situation—it was unfortunate. I do not know who those guys were (referring to the individuals in Chicago ) and that I can not help you there.”

After gathering herself, Whitley willingly spoke to the agent in earnest. Whitley stated that approximately two years ago, she was contacted by a friend from Chicago by the name of Burrell Wilks. Wilks told Whitley that he had tapes of R. Kelly and Deleon engaged in sex acts, and that he wanted to make big money off of them.

Whitley then stated that she telephoned her pastor Noel Jones, of the Greater Bethany Church in Los Angeles , seeking his advice on the matter. Whitley stated that her pastor advised her to contact Deleon. How ever when Jones was contacted about the matter he categorically denied receiving a call about the matter.

Whitley told the agent that she did not have Wilks contact information but turned them on to another friend by the name of Bryan Tunstall, who had direct access to him. Bryan Tunstall was interview at his Chicago residence.

After being advised of the investigation, Tunstall provided the following information to the agent: Tunstall met Burrell Wilks approximately 8 years ago through a mutual friend. Wilks was described as a former ranking member of the “Cicero Vice Lords” Street Gang in Chicago.

According to Tunstall, in the summer of 2002, he was at the penthouse of Burrell Wilks, located on Wabash Avenue in Chicago . Wilkes showed Tunstall a video tape containing images of then Atlanta Braves baseball player Gary Sheffield engaging in sexual acts and cocaine usage with 3 women. Wilkes told Tunstall that he had other tapes involving Gary Sheffield as well.

Tunstall was not sure how Wilks obtained the video tape, however, did advise that Wilks knows an individual nicknamed “Mr. Freeze,” who has a history of setting up famous people in compromising situations. Surprisingly enough, while putting what I thought was the finish touches on this story, I embraced serendipity. I received a call from a woman who described herself as a former associate of Deleon. The source, who spoke in anonymity, offered pertinent information that only an insider would know. The source prefaced her statement by candidly admitting that there was bad-blood between her and Deleon and not hiding the fact that she had an axe to grind.

However, she assured me that everything she said could easily be confirmed as true. The source enhanced her credibility with me when she presented me with six different photos taken at a party circa 2001, that depicts her and Deleon being groped by none other than R. Kelly. Though they were not nude photos, they did indicate that, given the engagement ring that was highly visible in the photos, Deleon’s amour with Kelly continued on, at the very least, while she was engaged to Gary.

The source recalled ever so vividly when Deleon bragged to  her about being turned out by R. Kelly as if it was something  that she was proud of. The source added that—contrary to  popular belief—in certain esoteric circles, Deleon has a  reputation of knowingly and willingly partaking in  ”threesomes”.

The source went on to say that Deleon’s  promiscuous proclivities, (which Gary was well aware of) are  what led to her signing a prenuptial agreement prior to their marriage. The source also stated that in 2004 when the scandal hit the airwaves, their was a cabal devised by Deleon’s camp, which consisted of various media outlets being paid-off to bury incriminating facts pertaining to Deleon’s furtive sexual activities that never saw the light of day.

Moreover, in their quest to salvage Deleon’s angelic public persona, sources confirmed that a reporter at a local Chicago news station was paid quite handsomely to perpetuate various falsehood, which were inundated in the minds of their viewing audience.  In fact, court records show that there were many motions filed in Derrick Mosley’s so-called extortion case, which raised the specter of venality, which definitely impacted the outcome. Most significantly, despite being subpoenaed by Mosley’s attorneys, Judge Samuel Der-Yehiayan speciously allowed Deleon the luxury of not having to testify—blatantly violating Mosley’s constitutional right to confront his accuser.

Deleon made various public statements about the case via her web-site and through a spokes person, at times excoriating Mosley—while yet bypassing the rigors of cross examination. “When you consider the unleveled playing field, lack of funding, and subversive defense lawyers, Mosley did not have a snowball’s chance in hell. Everybody knows that he was set up” said Rev. James Woods of the Worldwide Deliverance Church in Chicago.

Notwithstanding the obvious railroading, which cost him 3 years of his freedom, Mosley’s overall trajectory seems quite favorable. Several major publishing companies are vying to buy the rights to history, which given all the unique set of circumstances, should make for a real page-turner.

Some in the community still believe that Mosley will come back stronger than ever. “Mosley is still regarded in the Chicago grassroots community as a major player with a great deal of respect. If there is anybody that embodies the resilience to bounce back as the premiere voice for the voiceless, it’s Derrick Mosley.”

“This entire experience will prove to be a blessing in disguise for him when all is said and done” said Rev. James Demus of the Park Manor Christian Church in Chicago.

Deleon has managed to benefit from money, power  and influence, continuing on with the high level of  hypocrisy that precipitated the imbroglio in the first  place. Perhaps when the actual contents of the    repulsive sex tape is finally promulgated to the world, maybe Deleon would realize the powerful words of freedom fighter Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.: “A lie can’t live forever.”

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