Source Reveal Eddie Long Died of AIDS And Had Homosexual Affair With Gospel Singer Byron Cage, Who’s HIV Positive

By: Freelance Reporter Joan Ross, Posted January 15, 2017 at 9:03 am US/Central Email:



Atlanta–A source told Scandal Media that Bishop Eddie Long died of AIDS and instructed staff members at his church say it was Cancer.

ReN’ae Bacon is a college classmate and close friend of Byron Cage’s ex-wife Dr. Sonya L. Windham-Wilder.   The two kept in touch down through the years and formulated a very close friendship.  “Sonya often confided in me about things she wouldn’t share with anyone else” said ReN’ae.

According to ReN’ae, Sonya started seeing red flags early in their marriage.  Sonya didn’t have a problem with Byron communicating with gay men on a regular basis because he was in the music industry and it comprised of a lot of homosexuals.









Bishop Eddie Long before and after he contracted AIDS

The problems began when Byron started spending a lot of his leisure time with Bishop Eddie Long and less time with her.

According to ReN’ae, Sonya’s worst fears heightened when Bishop Long started visiting their home under the guise “business meetings” but Sonya heard very little talking and and lots of groans consistent with sexual intercourse.

“Sonya knew they were having sex because when their so-called business meeting was over, the room smelled like booty holes” said ReNae.

 Dr. Sonya L. Windham-Wilder


Bishop Long knew Sonya was very passive and took advantage of it.

“Sonya once called me crying because Bishop Long came over at 2:30 in the morning to meet with her husband.  She said she could hear them having sex shortly after the door closed” said ReN’ae.

Sonya said it got to a point where Bishop Long started rolling his eyes at her when he came over, like he knew he had more influence over her husband than she did.

Sonya’s friend ReN’ae Bacon

The source also revealed that Bishop Long contracted the deadly virus from his ex-lover, gospel singer Byron Cage while he was married to his ex-wife Dr. Sonya Windham-Wilder.


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  1. Lena Justin says :

    William McCray stealing your article and posted it today, over a year late.

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