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Dallas Pastor Patrick R. Rucker Vandalize Church After Being Evicted For Not Paying Rent For Over A Year

After further research, members of our Scandal Media street committee spoke to several pastors in the Dallas area who were very familiar with Rucker.  One well-known pastor described Rucker response as “a bunch of malarkey”  The source also described Rucker as a “mega pastor wanna-be” who uses profanity on a regular basis, with no compunction whatsoever.   “His lifestyle is more consistent with a street hoodlum than a church pastor” said one pastor.

The former member also expounded on Rucker’s penchant for having sex with females members of his church.  “There’s a running joke in the church that pastor Rucker never met a vagina he didn’t like” chuckled the former member.

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R. Kelly’s Bodyguard Robert “Hope” Reid Has Been Leaking Info And Secretly Organizing Protest Against The Singer For Years

By: Freelance Reporter Tammy Washington, Posted April 28, 2018 at 9:03 am US/Central 

CHICAGO–Scandal Media has learned that a childhood friend and longtime member of R. Kelly’s security team has been acting in the capacity of a mole.           

A source in Kelly’s camp says Robert “Hope” Reid has been leaking information and secretly organizing protest against the embattled singer for years.

The source has provided Scandal Media with various voicemail messages of Reid, dating as far back as 2002.

On one particular voicemail, while working Kelly’s security detail, Reid can be heard letting protesters know what courthouse door Kelly was about to exit from while the singer was leaving a court hearing while fighting his child pornography charges.

On another occasion, while still on Kelly’s payroll, a video tape showed Reid among a group of protesters calling for a boycott of Chicago radio station WGCI for playing R. Kelly’s music.

Reid helped organize the press conference but was not in front of the cameras when the actual press conference got underway.

According to the source, Reid was highly upset with Kelly for not visiting him when he was in the hospital undergoing a kidney removal while on dialysis.

The source recalls an instance when Reid boasted to him about about riding in Kelly’s Phantom Rolls Royce the day he was acquitted on child pornography charges and expounding on why he should’ve been found guilty.

Kelly is still not aware of Reid’s betrayal and still has Reid on his payroll.  “Kellz will be crushed when he find out what Hope has been doing to him all these years.  He sees Hope as a trusted brother figure” said the source.

This news about Reid couldn’t have come at a worst time given the unyielding efforts on the part of the Me Too Moment .

The source close to the artist said: ‘Kelly has been in a bad mood since all of his team quit on him. ‘

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Close Friend Of Byron Cage’s Ex-Wife Says Eddie Long’s Closed-Door Meetings With Cage At His Home Left Rooms Smelling Like Booty Holes

By: Freelance Reporter Tammy Washington, Posted April 21, 2018 at 9:03 am US/Central 


Byron Cage and his gay lover Bishop Eddie Long

ReN’ae Bacon is a college classmate and close friend of Byron Cage’s ex-wife Dr. Sonya L. Windham-Wilder.   The two kept in touch down through the years and formulated a very close friendship.  “Sonya often confided in me about things she wouldn’t share with anyone else” said ReN’ae.

According to ReN’ae, Sonya started seeing red flags early in their marriage.  Sonya didn’t have a problem with Byron communicating with gay men on a regular basis because he was in the music industry and it comprised of a lot of homosexuals.

The problems began when Byron started spending a lot of his leisure time with Bishop Eddie Long and less time with her.

According to ReN’ae, Sonya’s worst fears heightened when Bishop Long started visiting their home under the guise “business meetings” but Sonya heard very little talking and and lots of groans consistent with sexual intercourse.

“Sonya knew they were having sex because when their so-called business meeting was over, the room smelled like booty holes” said ReNae.

Bishop Long knew Sonya was very passive and took advantage of it.

“Sonya once called me crying because Bishop Long came over at 2:30 in the morning to meet with her husband.  She said she could hear them having sex shortly after the door closed” said ReN’ae.

Sonya said it got to a point where Bishop Long started rolling his eyes at her when he came over, like he knew he had more influence over her husband than she did.

Sonya, Kirk and their two children

Now Sonya is happily married to a prominent Atlanta attorney by the name of Kirk A. Wilder.  “He treats her like a queen and is a wonderful father to their beautiful children’ said ReN’ae.   Sonya told me it’s comforting being married to a man who know whether he wants a man or a woman instead of double dipping” said ReN’ae.

Sonya wasn’t at all surprised when she heard that Bishop Long died of AIDS.  She was also very grateful to God that she was never infected with the virus.

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Gospel Singer Smokie Norful Fathered A Child Out Of Wedlock While Married To His Wife And Kicked A Member Out Of His Church For Telling Others About It

Scandal Media was recently contacted by a former member of Norful’s Chicago-based church, Victory Cathedral Worship Center, who said Norful and members of his security team met her at the front entrance of his church on a Sunday morning and told her she was no longer welcome in he sanctuary.

The former member (who asked to remain in anonymity) said Norful also told her she was forbidden to communicate with any of his church members.

The former member said Norful never specified why she was being kicked out of the church.  Later that week she called the church and spoke to Norful’s assistant Denise Rutledge, who told her that pastor Norful was upset because she told another member about his mistress, who he impregnated while married to his wife Carla.

The former member said Denise scolded her for telling the pastor’s “personal business” and accused her of trying to bring “discord into God’s Kingdom.”

The former member said Norful is not the sincere man of God he purports to be.  “People think he’s all nice and righteous like he appears in public, but privately he’s an adulterer with a whore-mongering  spirit. He may not be a undercover homosexual like other well-known pastors, but he’s definitely a promiscuous womanizer” said the former member.

The former member said others in the church know about his illegitimate child but keeps it low key.

Scandal Media made several attempts to reach Smokie Norful and was unsuccessful.

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Did Gay Mega Pastor Rickie G. Rush Pay Joy 105 To Recant Pedophile Story And Advocate On His Behalf?

The contents of that article is 100% factual and confirmed by a plethora of individuals associated with Pastor Rush and his church.
Nearly a year later, on December 5, 2017, the story was copied verbatim by news website Joy 105 without the authorization of Scandal Media.  Scandal Media disregarded the plagiarism on the part of Joy 105 because at that time our article had already received over 700,000 views.
Now all of a sudden Joy 105 has not only recanted the story, but they’ve also partook in Pastor Rush’s damage control efforts by calling the article “false” and endorsing his so-called youth programs.   If Joy 105 didn’t have their head so far up Rickie Rush’s ass, they would know that accused pedophiles and youth do not go together.
Joy 105’s ass kissing seems highly incredulous and lessens their credibility considerably.  Many members of Pastor Rush’s church (Inspiring Body of Christ) strongly believe that pastor Rush clandestinely paid Joy 105 to recant the story and advocate on behalf of a known homosexual disguised as a legitimate clergyman.
Despite all of the failed efforts on the part of Rickie Rush to deflect the serious accusations, he has yet to deny being a homosexual, primarily because he know all the gay butts he busted down through the years would emerge from obscurity and call him out like they did Bishop Eddie Long.

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