Joe Ann Brunson, Widow Of Gospel Legend Milton Brunson, Says Singer Darius Brooks Is A Down Low Bisexual And Accuses Him Of Stealing The Thompson Community Choir From Her



CHICAGO–Over a 50 year span, the late Rev. Milton Brunson and his famed Thompson Community Singers–considered by many to be one of the greatest gospel choirs ever assembled–dominated the gospel music charts by putting out such classic songs as It’s Gonna Rain, Safe In His Arms, The Holy Ghost and countless others.


When Rev. Brunson died in April 1997, his widow Joe-Ann Brunson vowed to honor her late husband’s legacy by keeping the choir together.  “We were still getting calls from all over the country to perform at major events as if Milton was still alive” said Joe-Ann Brunson.

Joe-Ann said things were fine until she started getting calls from various individuals informing her that one of the choir’s singers and writers Darius Brooks went behind her back and recruited the choir’s original singers and musicians and called themselves “The Tommies Reunion Choir.”

According to Joe-Ann, the use of the the name “Tommies” was illegal because the name was always referred to all over the world as the nickname for the Thompson Community Singers.  “That was Darius’s way of usurping our family’s brand that’s been established for many decades.  That left me with the original name but no talent to go with it.  I’m sure my husband is rolling over in his grave” said Joe-Ann.

Since their inception, the Tommies Reunion choir has been traveling all over the country performing at major venues.

They even received two Stellar Award Nominations.  The choir recently recorded their second music cd entitled “He Worked It Out” which is expected to be released sometime this year.

Joe-Anne was so outraged, she hired a team of lawyers and took Darius to court to no avail.  Now Joe-Ann Brunson has heightened her fury like a woman scorned.  She is now airing all of Darius’s dirty laundry,.

Joe-Ann admits to still being “pissed off” after all these years but from a spiritual standpoint, she see it as a form of relief and even a blessing in disguise.  “Darius did me a favor by stealing my choir members because they were nothing more than a bunch of flaming homosexuals and lesbians.

Going out of town with the choir always felt like a traveling gay orgy of some kind.  Most of the choir members were sleeping with each other left and right and even swapping their gay sexual partners in each other’s hotel rooms.  Homosexuality is an abomination and I knew God wasn’t pleased” said Joe-Ann.

Joe-Ann Brunson continued on with her tell-all tirade, calling Darius a “down low bisexual” who’s been sexually active with both men and women for years.  “That was confirmed to me by gay choir members and even Rev. Brunson himself when he was alive” said Joe-Ann.


Recently, Darius was questioned on Facebook about whether he was gay or not.  Instead of denying the allegations affirmatively like a real heterosexual would, Darius refused to answer the question

“Darius didn’t want to publicly deny being a homosexual because he knew all the gay men he’s been with down through the years would come out of the woodwork and expose him like they did Bishop Eddie Long.

I was told by gay choir members that Darius is still sexually active with men while married to Deborah. I don’t know too many women who are content with being intimate with their husband when they know he’s a fag” said Joe-Ann.


Scandal media  also spoke to a well-known Chicago songstress (who ask to remain in anonymity).  She told us about a musician by the name of Michael Taylor who got turned out by Darius in the late 80’s.

According to our source, Michael and Darius were gay lovers who spent a lot of time together.  “I first saw Michael Taylor with Darius in the late 80’s at an appreciation service honoring Darius at Life Center Church on the south side of Chicago.You could tell by their interaction and overall body language that some gay shit was going on” said the source.

Michael was young, impressionable and infatuated with Darius’s status as a well-known musician and songwriter.  He even thought Darius was rich because at the time Darius lived in an upscale apartment complex called River City, located in Chicago’s downtown area.
He later found out Darius was broke as hell when he got evicted and had to move into a rundown house owned by his godparents on the south side of Chicago.


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Keyboard Player Cornell Thigpen Runs For His Life Butt Naked After Getting Caught Having Sex With His Friend’s Wife

By: Tammy Washington, Posted January 28, 2018 at 7:18 am US/Central

Recently, Scandal Media was contacted by an individual who told us about keyboard player Cornell Thigpen getting chased down the street, butt naked and shot at after one of his friend came home and caught him having sex with his wife.

Cornell Thigpen is a whore mongering musician in the gospel and R&B genre, who was reared in the Church of God In Christ.

According to his bio, Cornell has played keyboards for such artist as Baby Face, Chaka Khan and Ron Isley just to name a few.

Our source, who’s also a musician and played tours with Cornell, told Scandal Media that several years ago, Cornell was in California staying at a musician friend’s home while preparing for a tour.  The friend trusted Cornell to wait at his home with his wife while he left to run a few errands.

When his friend came home, he found Cornell in bed banging  his wife.  His friend went into a rage and immediately started beating Cornell  viciously.  Cornell was only able to escape the home after his friend stopped momentarily to get  his loaded gun.

The friend shot at Cornell several times to no avail while Cornell was running down the street butt naked.  The source said if the musician had the presence of mind to go straight for his gun, instead of opting to beat Cornell first, the incident would have ended in a fatality.

We reached out to several musicians who were quite familiar with the incident.  They said Cornell went around telling people his friend’s wife kept trying to seduce him despite his pleas for her to stop.  Personally, I think that excuse is a bunch of hogwash.


It doesn’t matter how flirtatious the woman may have been, if you’re lowdown enough to bang your friend’s wife in his home, while the friend went out of his way to help your career, you are a lowdown scumbag and home wrecker.

We also spoke to gifted gospel singer by the name of Ocie Jackson, who’s a member of Christian Faith Fellowship Church in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where Cornell once worked as Musical Director.

Ocie told us there were several scandals involving Cornell and various women at the church while he was still married to his first wife Felicia Thigpen.  Ocie said Cornell’s adultery was so bad that it led to his divorce and ouster from the church.  According to Ocie, one of Cornell’s alleged scandals involved an under-age girl but the pastor, Bishop Darrell Hines used his influence to sweep it under the rug.

While Ocie acknowledged Cornell’s superb keyboard talents, she was far more emphatic describing his “arrogant attitude and behavior that’s more consistent with a person on Prozac with a serious mental disorder.”

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Fellow Artist Say The Late Gospel Legend Edwin Hawkins Was A Promiscuous Homosexual Who Turned Him Out When He Was A Teen


 – Grammy award winner Edwin Hawkins, the gospel star best known for the hit “Oh Happy Day,” has died at age 74.

Hawkins died early Monday at his home in Pleasanton, California.

While the world is remembering Hawkins for his major contributions to the gospel music industry, at least one gospel artist is blaming Hawkins for pursuing him and turning him out as a homosexual.

The artist (who asked to remain anonymous) say Hawkins pursued him as a teen and introduced him to the dark world of homosexuality.   He said  Hawkins, who referred to him as “cutie pie” once made him perform oral sex on him in his car in a church parking lot.

The artist said the late Walter Hawkins was gay and knew his brother Edwin was having sex with young men in his church

The artist says he hopes both Edwin and his brother Walter are rotting in hell.


Dianne Williams, Lead Singer of The Legendary Gospel Song “Jesus Can Work It Out” Is Accused Of Sexually Assaulting A Female Record Exec Lisa Wheeler

Dianne Williams 2

By: Freelance Reporter Joan Ross, Posted December 21, 2017 at 4:03 pm US/Central Email:


CHICAGO–If you’ve followed gospel music over the last 30 years or so, you probably heard a gospel song entitled: “Jesus Can Work It Out” recorded in 1980 by the late Dr. Charles G. Hayes and the Cosmopolitan Warriors, based out of Chicago, Illinois.

Even if you don’t necessarily follow that genre of music, you’ve probably heard the remix of that song played in regular rotation in the early 2000’s on one of your local R&B stations in your city.  If that somehow got past you, you probably was watching a Google Chromebook commercial and heard the song’s hook used as their theme.

Sadly enough, the song’s anointed lead vocalist Dianne Williams, is being accused of sexually assaulting another female by the name of Lisa Wheeler, a former Executive Vice President of ICEE Records. which no longer exist. Lisa is also well known in the Chicago gospel music community.

Lisa said she was traveling with the late Dr. Charles G, Hayes and the Cosmopolitan Warriors choir on a promotional tour, and Dianne Williams somehow entered into her hotel room uninvited and sexually assaulted her while she was taking a shower.  Lisa said Dianne got naked, jumped in the shower after her, groped her vaginal area, while saying to her “Don’t fight it.”  After a brief struggle, Dianne reluctantly exited the shower.


Lisa said she was “afraid and deeply shaken” by the incident.  Lisa said she had no idea Dianne was a lesbian and capable of boldly imposing herself on someone like that–especially given her prominence as the lead singer of such a classic and inspirational song.

Lisa’s account of that incident was corroborated by another member of the famous choir, who wanted to remain in anonymity.  That person told Scandal Media that Dianne and other lesbians in that choir have been blatantly promiscuous for many years.

They also shared that the Cosmopolitan House Of Prayer church, located on Chicago’s south side, has been a refuge for gays and lesbians for many decades and it was not a big deal for someone to be imposed upon, especially while traveling on the road.  Despite it being a crime in the eyes of the law, it was totally acceptable in that church environment.

Scandal Media also spoke to Lisa’s brother Willie Wheeler, who said his sister told him about the incident this past Thanksgiving.

Willie added that he was extremely thankful and appreciative that Scandal Media was promulgating this terrible and unfortunate incident so that perverted hypocrites like Dianne Williams can be exposed to the world and hopefully prevent it from happening to others.


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BOMBSHELL!!! Gay Church Members Plan To Release Secretly Recorded Conversations That Prove Dallas Mega Pastor Rickie G. Rush Is Indeed A Homosexual And Pedophile

By: Freelance Reporter Joan Ross, Posted December 12, 2017 at 7:03 pm US/Central Email:
DALLAS–Dallas mega pastor Rickie G. Rush of the Inspiring Bodies Of Christ (“IBOC”) church stood before his congregation Sunday and categorically denied reports about his clandestine gay lifestyle and his penchant for teenage boys.

The embattled mega pastor emphatically stated that the accusations against him are “all lies.”, which even drew an applause by many of his gullible and brainwashed church members.

Pastor Rush’s denial didn’t sit well with several gay members of his church who were in attendance, calling his words “a bunch of damage controlling malarkey.”

They told Scandal Media that they are planning to release a barrage of secretly recorded conversations that will debunk Rush’s denial and expose him for the “lying hypocrite that his is.”

In one secretly recorded conversation played for Scandal Media, you can hear a voice sounding a lot like that of Rickie Rush describing how he held the legendary Stevie Wonder’s penis in his hand while he was urinating to prevent him from getting piss on his clothes.  Yes you read it right!!!  You cannot make this stuff up!!

In another recorded conversation played for Scandal Media, you can hear a voice sounding a lot like that of Rickie Rush graphically bragging about how he gave one of his male choir members some “dick” at the church while a funeral was going on.

The gay church members assured Scandal Media that the secretly recorded conversations will be released to the public very soon!!!  STAT TUNED!!!

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Source Reveal Eddie Long Died of AIDS And Had Homosexual Affair With Gospel Singer Byron Cage, Who’s HIV Positive

By: Freelance Reporter Joan Ross, Posted January 15, 2017 at 9:03 am US/Central Email:



Atlanta–A source told Scandal Media that Bishop Eddie Long died of AIDS and instructed staff members at his church say it was Cancer.

ReN’ae Bacon is a college classmate and close friend of Byron Cage’s ex-wife Dr. Sonya L. Windham-Wilder.   The two kept in touch down through the years and formulated a very close friendship.  “Sonya often confided in me about things she wouldn’t share with anyone else” said ReN’ae.

According to ReN’ae, Sonya started seeing red flags early in their marriage.  Sonya didn’t have a problem with Byron communicating with gay men on a regular basis because he was in the music industry and it comprised of a lot of homosexuals.









Bishop Eddie Long before and after he contracted AIDS

The problems began when Byron started spending a lot of his leisure time with Bishop Eddie Long and less time with her.

According to ReN’ae, Sonya’s worst fears heightened when Bishop Long started visiting their home under the guise “business meetings” but Sonya heard very little talking and and lots of groans consistent with sexual intercourse.

“Sonya knew they were having sex because when their so-called business meeting was over, the room smelled like booty holes” said ReNae.

 Dr. Sonya L. Windham-Wilder


Bishop Long knew Sonya was very passive and took advantage of it.

“Sonya once called me crying because Bishop Long came over at 2:30 in the morning to meet with her husband.  She said she could hear them having sex shortly after the door closed” said ReN’ae.

Sonya said it got to a point where Bishop Long started rolling his eyes at her when he came over, like he knew he had more influence over her husband than she did.

Sonya’s friend ReN’ae Bacon

The source also revealed that Bishop Long contracted the deadly virus from his ex-lover, gospel singer Byron Cage while he was married to his ex-wife Dr. Sonya Windham-Wilder.